If girlfriend can’t stay a bra v your dress, there’s a great braless method to lift your breasts and also create great cleavage. And also it in reality works, also for those the us with bigger boobs!

I speak to this “Breast Taping”, or making use of “Boob Tape”.

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Celebs prefer Kim K execute it, and also guess what? So deserve to we! We simply need to learn the right technique.

1. The Problem

You desire to stay a deep plunge or backless dress, yet going braless isn’t an alternative for you. You need the support of a bra!

2. What Doesn’t Work

You could have tried a selection of bra options and difficult bras, yet they provide next come no support.

If you’ve never tried these options and friend have huge boobs, let me call you appropriate now: lock won’t job! Don’t waste your time and also money ~ above them.

I’m talk about:

Look into those choices to watch if they’re compatible through your dress, and also if they provide enough support. If they don’t occupational for you, update to the boob tape.

3. What important Works? Boob Tape!

The solution below is boob tape. Taping her breasts is the only method that’s strong enough to provide you exceptional cleavage and last for hours and also hours.

You deserve to use boob tape if you’re top top the smaller sized side, however most amazingly, boob tape will work if you have actually bigger breasts or need support.

So ladies, if you want the finest results, adhering to the taping technique I’m about to present you!

4. What precisely is boob tape?

Boob tape describes the ice you’ll usage in order come tape her boobs, which deserve to be anything indigenous duct ice (ouch!) to athletic tape. You deserve to use a selection of tapes, however keep in psychic that some tapes space stronger than others.

I introduce Gaffer tape or medical Tape.

Gaffer Tape has actually a very solid hold, which method it hold in place and also provides the most support. Yet it’s also painful to take off! you can additionally use clinical Tape, which will certainly hurt contempt less, yet it won’t be together resistant. It’s up to your needs. Kim Kardashian is a Gaffer ice advocate. Just sayin!

5. What friend Need

Everything you need is fairly inexpensive, i beg your pardon is always a plus!

6. Prior to You Tape: Prep

Make certain your skin isn’t oily or the ice cream won’t stick. This way that you shouldn’t apply moisturizer or lotion before taping.

Also make sure to patch test because that allergic reactions to the glue. Store in psychic that some redness is typical if you have actually sensitive skin. If irritation occurs, rest assured the it won’t cause any permanent damage.

7. Method For A Plunge/Backless Dress

Kim Kardashian uses this method for put on plunge dresses all the time. Your taping should look choose hers in the photo above, yet you can tweak it depending upon your dress (for instance if your straps are thinner).

STEP 1: reduced a long strip of ice (about 12 inches) and tape that on the outer part of your boob, indigenous the base of your boob to her shoulder. Background your breast to provide it some lift, and also tape up. The tape need to be long enough to go approximately your shoulders because that maximum lift and also hold, but this will count on your dress.

STEP 2: Repeat through 2 much more strips the tape, this time going inwards. Don’t forget to place a cotton pad on her nipples prior to taping the area!

STEP 3: Repeat ~ above the various other boob.

STEP 4 (Optional): relying on where the plunge ends, girlfriend can additionally use tape horizontally under your breasts. If your dress permits it, take a long piece the tape and also tape the horizontally under your breasts, lifting lock up and bringing castle together. This should give you even an ext of a push-up effect.

Here’s a video clip tutorial reflecting you precisely how to attain this:

8. An approach For A Strapless/Backless Dress

You can additionally use the taping technique if you’re wearing a strapless backless dress. In this case, her taping technique will look favor this:

STEP 1: You can either lean over of lie down on your earlier before you tape. Whatever it take away to create the shape you want, i m sorry generally way lifting and bringing the breasts closer together.

STEP 2: take a lengthy strip of ice (about 12 customs or more). Start taking under your boobs from one next to the other, if making sure to encapsule them. Girlfriend can carry the tape higher or reduced on the sides, depending upon your dress.

STEP 3: Repeat the same thing through 2 an ext strips the tape that go over the ahead one. Don’t forget to ar a cotton pad to cover her nipples under the tape.

Here’s a video tutorial explaining exactly how to properly attain this (start at 1:40):

9. Removing The Tape

Taking the take turn off isn’t pleasant, but you have the right to use these tips to do it slightly less painful.

If friend can, take a hot earlier with the tape tho on. Taking a shower likewise helps ease up the tape. Don’t wait too long after her bath or shower head to pull the ice off.

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When pulling the tape off, dab part olive oil on your skin as you pull. You have the right to do this through pulling the tape slowly with one hand, and dabbing with your other hand.

That’s it!

I hope you’ve learned everything you must know about the taping method! It’s a truly fantastic option that enables anyone come wear any kind of dress. Feel cost-free to share your suffer with boob ice in the comments below!

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