Corned Beef Hash is a straightforward and comforting means to use up leftover corned beef. Soft corned beef, soft potatoes, and also caramelized onions sauteed with each other until extra crispy. Include some egg or leave it there is no if you wish. You have the right to turn these couple of simple ingredients right into something for this reason delicious and comforting, friend will discover yourself do corned beef hash an ext than simply once a year.

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“Corned beef and also potatoes,” one of the most comforting food combinations out there. Really any beef and also potatoes take the comfort food prize (specially if over there is gravy). Over there is no gravy in the hash yet a totality lot the delicious.

Even because that a simple dish, over there is a ton that flavor indigenous corned beef and sauteed onions. We reap this dish much more than once a year because I frequently make corned beef dishes. St. Patrick’s day is as soon as most people cook corned beef yet it’s shouldn’t it is in the just time. It’s so versatile, you can enjoy it transparent the year.

Whether you’re searching for a method to usage up leftovers native Corned Beef and also Cabbage dinner after ~ St. Paddy’s day or simply craving some beefy hash, this is your recipe. I will share my instruction on just how to make corned beef hash indigenous scratch, from leftovers, and also with eggs.



TIPS because that THE ideal CORNED BEEF HASH

The reason why corned beef hash is so an excellent is since leftover corned beef and potatoes have been cooking together and infused through the same spices and also flavors. To recreate those flavors as soon as making it from scratch, make certain to chef potatoes in the same liquid together corned beef.

Brown onions first, before adding corned beef and also potatoes, to carry out delicious caramelized flavors. Onions offer out a small sweetness once they caramelize, it will certainly be a pleasant addition to the dish.

Let potatoes gain crispy when sauteing! nothing is better than crispy, crunchy potato sides, so don’t stir too quickly or as well often. Let the bottom get crispy (not burned, the course), gently stir and fold, and also then leaving it for a couple of minutes to get more crispy sides.

Corned beef hash deserve to make a good side food or a totality meal. It’s rich and filling also without the eggs, yet you have the right to also add eggs for a delicious breakfast or brunch. It just takes a couple of extra minute to cook.



How To do It native Leftovers

The simplest method to do this hash that to use leftover corned beef and also potatoes. Girlfriend can also make extra potato in the same liquid wherein you cooking corned beef and cabbage in anticipation of making hash.

Dice onions, potatoes, and also corned beef and set aside.

Saute diced onion in butter over tool heat, until it browns, and include diced corned beef. Cook it together until corned beef is heated v and add diced potatoes. Litter in a little more butter and also season through salt and pepper. When butter is melted, stir every little thing together, and also let is saute because that a couple of minutes before mixing again.

Cook for about 15 minutes but don’t mix as well often, therefore it it s okay crispy ~ above the bottom prior to you stir. Row in some chives and parsley and also serve.


How To do It native Scratch

You don’t need to make corned beef and also cabbage each time you want to have some hash, it’s very easy come recreate comparable flavors, and also so tasty.

I prefer to cook corned beef in instant Pot since it saves so much time. Altogether, it will take around an hour and a fifty percent to make juicy, tender corned beef in an instant Pot.

Depending ~ above the dimension of corned beef brisket, use 4 or 6-quart immediate Pot. Include chopped onion, garlic cloves, mustard seed, whole peppercorns, totality cloves, allspice berries, crushed red pepper flakes, coriander seeds, and bay pipeline in the bottom the the pot. Location corned beef on top and also pour in beef stock.

Close the lid and also make sure it’s latched completely. Rotate the valve to seal and set Instant Pot to cook on “stew/meat” setting for 75 minutes. When time is up, allow it execute a natural release for 15-20 minutes and also do a fast release.Take the brisket out however don’t discard the cooking liquid.

Place potatoes right into a pot and pour in the fluid from cooking corned beef until all potatoes room covered. Cook potatoes top top stove-top until they start to be tender but not also soft. (Don’t overcook or potatoes will be difficult to cut.) NOTE: ns don’t recommend cooking potatoes in instant Pot since no matter exactly how long they room cooked, smaller potatoes still tend to pop.

Take potatoes out of the liquid and let castle cool enough to it is in handled. You deserve to save corned beef and also potatoes in a food warehouse container, in the refrigerator, or prepare the hash right away.

Follow the same instructions as over to do the hash.

How To chef It through Eggs

If you desire to add some egg to corned beef hash, it will take 4 egg and about 10-15 much more minutes.

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Lower the warmth to medium-low so the bottom of potatoes doesn’t obtain too crispy. Make four tiny wells in the cooking hash and also crack and also egg right into each well. Season every egg with a some salt and pepper, covering the pan with a lid and cook till the egg each preferred doneness.