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Although Cortana is reliable, it appears that some home windows 10 individuals can’t hear Cortana speak.If you’re among them, shot to update your audio driver or collection Cortana to respond only to you.

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Several users reported the they can’t hear Cortana on your Bluetooth headset. If you’re having the exact same problem, be certain to shot pairing your Bluetooth headset v your pc again.

This deserve to be just a short-lived glitch, however after reconnecting her Bluetooth device, the worry was fully resolved.

9. Shot creating a new user profile

If you’re unable to hear Cortana, the concern might be your profile. Sometimes a user profile can get corrupted and that can reason this problem to appear.

To inspect if her profile is the problem, it’s advised to develop a new profile on her PC. This is relatively simple, and you have the right to do the by adhering to the above steps.

After producing a brand-new user account, switch to it and check if the problem still appears. If not, the problem is most likely brought about by a corrupted profile.

Unfortunately, you can not repair a corrupted profile, but you can always switch come a new profile and also move all your personal files to it.

10. Install the recent updates

Open the Settings app.

If you’re having problems with Cortana, the issue might be brought about by lacking updates. Cortana is one of the most famous features of home windows 10.

Microsoft is law its best to save this attribute working properly. If you can not hear Cortana on your PC, the concern might it is in a certain Windows glitch or a bug.

However, girlfriend should be able to fix the trouble by installation the recent updates.

By default, windows 10 automatically installs the absent updates, however due to specific bugs, you might miss an upgrade or two. However, girlfriend can constantly check because that updates manually by doing as in-depth above.

Windows will now check for easily accessible updates. If any updates space available, they will certainly be downloaded immediately in the background and installed as soon as you restart your PC.

After updating windows 10 come the latest version, examine if the trouble with Cortana still persists.

Having trouble updating her Windows? examine out this overview that will help you resolve them in no time.

Cortana is a great feature, however some home windows 10 customers reported worries with it. Together for issues, users reported the following problems with Cortana:

Cortana not speaking windows 10 – This is a usual problem through Cortana, and also if you’re having actually this issue, try updating your windows to the latest version and also check if the helps.Cortana doesn’t talk – countless users reported that Cortana won’t talk at all on your PC. If you have actually that problem, be certain to install both UK English and also US English text to decided features.Can’t hear Cortana voice, speak windows 10 – plenty of users reported the they can not hear Cortana speak on their PC. To fix this problem, be sure to disable any kind of audio devices that you no using.Cortana won’t speak – In some cases, Cortana won’t speak in ~ all. If you encounter this problem, be sure to shot some of our solutions.

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