Crab cakes that can made top top the grill or cooktop top!

I have actually a sweet, and very persistent, subscriber top top Youtube that has been questioning me to do crab cakes because that a while now. Since she has been very patient with me ( well type of, LOL!), I determined to throw part crab cakes top top the grill and record them… correctly – i grilled them!! think it or not, it was fairly easy to perform ( clock the video below), and also it wasn’t time spend at all.


These crab cakes can be done on the grill ( through a actors iron griddle) or top top the range top. I provided canned crab meat, due to the fact that it was basic to find, but you have the right to use fresh crab meat.

Here’s the recipe

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These an easy crab cakes can be grilled or pan-fried. Shot this super basic recipe, i m sorry comes together in less than 20 minutes!
1 lb crab meat with lumps of crab and also shredded crab1/4 cup diced yellow onions1/4 cup diced sweet peppers1 tbsp old bay seasoning2 big eggs in ~ room temperature6 sliced white bread late removed2/3 cup mayonnaise2 tbsp yellow mustard2 tsp warm sauce optional
Lightly oil a griddle then location it on height or a grill, and heat the grill come 350 F. OR easy oil a pan, and place that over medium tomedium-high heat.
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Devoria says

July 5, 2015 at 6:11 pm

Hi, Rosie,No video clip of your crab cakes……I’m disappointed girl…..come on, make a video

Roxanne J says

July 5, 2015 at 7:18 pm

Rosie says

July 7, 2015 at 6:23 pm

I followed your crab cake recipe, and added canned salmon – OMG girlfriend!! They were to absolutely die for! The mystery seems to it is in in the bread cubes angry crumbs. They continued to be together & ns cooked lock on the stove. Thanks!! – Laura

Jonnyonthespotcakes (IG) Hey, Rosie! ns will have actually to shot this recipes. In the past I have tried to make crab cakes and they constantly fall apart. I think this is since I always deep fried food them. So keep in mind to self, lightly oil the pan. Thanks for this!

Dear Rosie;

Please help! ns can’t acquire my crab cakes to stay together. They autumn apart. What am i doing wrong? What do I must change?

Love your videos and also hoping girlfriend publish a cookbook or CDs v your videos and also recipes soon!


I just wanted to say that you space an remarkable women !!!! ns am brand-new to her blog and recipes. Ns am in love !!!

I plan to try several of her dishes…

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