Jeff GluckerJune 11, 2014Comment Now!Spotting a Ford Crown Victoria in her rearview winter is always enough to make a driver background ever-so-gently off the throttle pedal. Those acquainted headlamps are quickly and also easily picked out from the remainder of the pack. Typically, it method 5-0 is on your tail, therefore you better be driving within the limits of the law. The Crown Vic, however, is slowly being phased the end of America"s police force fleets. That way there are loads of ex-Cop Cars easily accessible to it is in scooped up for quick money.

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One user top top Reddit has done simply that. What he to know though, is the these aren"t precisely speed makers from the factory. The conventional 4.6-liter V-8 engine is mediocre, and also the car drives much like it looks.

There"s a cure though, and the owner that the above device created a fantastic Ford mash-up. By swapping in parts from the 2003-2004 Ford Cobra, the owner has provided this Crown Vic new life. It"s gained a supercharged, overbuilt engine that have to be capable of handling large amounts that power. In fact, it"s currently making 422 speech at the rear wheels, i m sorry is a hell of a jump end the stock unit"s 210-250 horsepower.

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After putting the car on the dyno, the owner wound up blowing increase the rear end, and now the stock transmission is likewise toast. The just method it"s time for more upgrades. The rear finish is now ready to get all the strength from the modular V-8, and also the floor is getting reduced up to receive the vital bits because that a six-speed manual gearbox swap.

This is a speeder"s worst nightmare... Till you realize the cop is blowing previous you, and also you can"t save up.


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