This write-up provides information about how come troubleshoot and resolve slow-moving performance worries with her computer.

Summary: This article provides information about how come troubleshoot and resolve sluggish performance concerns with your computer.See much less This short article provides information around how come troubleshoot and resolve slow performance worries with your computer.

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Your computer system may be experiencing a computer system performance worry if you notification one or much more of the following symptoms:

computer takes a long time come boot right into the operating system or stops responding. Applications take a long time to load or respond. Computer system responds slowly or stops responding throughout user activity such together clicking and also typing. Computer system takes a lengthy time or stop responding during shutdown or restart. Browsers and also other applications stop responding or stop responding frequently.

The SupportAssist application optimizes your computer (including to update outdated drivers) to assist resolve power issues.

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To run the SupportAssist application, carry out the complying with steps.

Press and also hold the Windows key (
), and then press the q key. In the find box type SupportAssist. Touch or click Start Now to run the tests. SupportAssist operation the exam one through one and provides the results and also suggested actions.

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System performance concerns can be brought about due to:

fragmentized data on the tough disk drive. Unused applications to run in the background. Outdated drivers for tools such as chipset, BIOS, docking stations, and also so on. Outdated or corrupt operating device files. Current computer system configuration walk not meet the demands for luxury applications or games. Hard disk errors. Insufficient system storage (RAM). Hardware failure. Malware infection.

Follow the steps mentioned below to help resolve slow-moving performance problems on your computer. Also, find an ext information in the optional steps and informational videos section of this article.

NOTE: proposal disconnecting devices such as printers, docking stations, and also so on, prior to proceeding v the troubleshooting steps. This can assist determine if the concern is v the computer system or the device.
run the automated devices in SupportAssist to ensure the the drivers are up to date and also your computer system is optimized.
Press and hold the Windows vital (
), and also then press the q key. In the search box type SupportAssist. Touch or click Start Now to run the tests.
NOTE: You can touch or click the down arrow and also then operation the separation, personal, instance test. recommends to run a full computer system test.

Restart your computer system if you have not excellent so lately.

A reboot or restart have the right to resolve numerous issues. Restarting your computer is an effective method to clean the computer system memory (RAM) and also shut down any type of errant processes and services.

Restarting your computer closes all the applications and services running on your computer, including background procedures that various other programs have started. The much more programs the you have open and the longer they run, the much more likely your computer system slows down and eventually operation out of RAM. Ideally, you have to shut down your computer system when the is no in use. If you usage your computer frequently, recommends restarting the computer at the very least once per week.

If restarting the computer does not deal with the issue, go to the next step.

Running a hardware diagnostic test can aid you identify hardware-related problems and administer you v troubleshooting actions to help resolve the issue. To recognize if your computer is suffering a hardware problem, it is recommended the you first run a hardware diagnostic test. provides both integrated and also online diagnostics.

Running hardware diagnostic test making use of SupportAssist

If the computer system can boot right into Windows and also has an active Internet connection, operation a fast test on the computer system using SupportAssist.

Running SupportAssist Preboot device Assessment or magnified Preboot system Assessment ( PSA or ePSA) Restart the computer. Once the logo appears, push the F12 key to enter the One-time boots Menu. Use the arrow keys to select Diagnostics and also press the enter key. Monitor the on-screen prompts and respond accordingly to finish the diagnostics. If the check passes, go to the next step.
Diagnose Hardware worries on her Notebook or desktop computer using ePSA Diagnostic Test.

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Scan your computer for malware

Malware (viruses, spyware, trojans, and so on) can reason the computer to protect against working or do slowly. Malware have the right to monitor users internet browsing, display unsolicited advertisements and click baits. Malware can be used against users to gain access to an individual data such as identification numbers or details, bank or credit card numbers, passwords, datafile, and so on.

If you suspect that your computer has to be infected, recommends that you run a thoroughly or deep scan on your computer system using one anti-virus or anti-malware program. Windows10 computer systems come equipped v Windows Defender, i beg your pardon provides straightforward protection against malware, but specialized anti-virus or anti-malware software have the right to thoroughly scan her computer and remove malicious programs. Many computers are preinstalled with a an easy anti-virus software application such as McAfee that require a subscription indigenous the software manufacturer. There are numerous other anti-virus or anti-malware programs (free-to-use and also subscription-based) that you may use.

Installing much more than one anti-virus or anti-malware regime on your computer does not provide you much better protection. Instead, it may slow down your computer system further. recommends installation one anti-virus or anti-malware program and updating it consistently to maintain energetic protection versus malware.

To find out more, watch the knowledge base short article defend Your computer system or eliminate Malware in Microsoft Windows.

If you perform not find any malware on the computer, go to the next step.

Optimizing your mechanism using SupportAssist for home PCs

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regain the computer using Windows mechanism Restore

System gain back is a Microsoft windows operating system attribute that can help fix certain species of crashes and other computer system problems. Device Restore reverts your computer"s state (including computer files, mounted applications, home windows Registry, and also computer settings) to a previous allude in time. Girlfriend can produce "restore points" manually at any type of time, but Windows immediately creates castle whenever:

An applications or software application is installed. Windows update installs updates. A an equipment driver is installed.
system Restore does not save old copies of any an individual files or data, so that does not delete or replace them during a restoration. System restore is also not one effective method to eliminate any form of malware on her computer.
NOTE: You need to be logged in as a user v administrator legal rights on your computer system to run mechanism Restore.

To learn how to reclaim your computer system to a previous regain point, watch the web links below based upon the operating mechanism that is set up on the computer:

If restoring the computer system to a previous date does not fix the issue, walk to the next step.

If her computer continues come lock up, prevent responding, or run slowly, and the troubleshooting steps over did not settle the issue, consider reinstalling the operating system. If you perform not want to reinstall the operation system, watch the Optional procedures section to see other potential solutions.

WARNING: Reinstalling the operating device results in the irreversible loss of every data ~ above the computer. recommends that you ago up all personal data to an outside storage device, including however not minimal to images, documents, email messages, contacts, web browser bookmarks (favorites), music, videos, and also so on.

To learn an ext about reinstalling Microsoft home windows on her computer, watch the understanding base write-up manufacturing facility reset, restore, or reinstall Microsoft windows on a computer.

Check and also clean the wait vents on your computer.

If your computer"s wait vents become clogged through lint and dust, usage a deserve to of compressed air to clean them off and restore airflow. Inadequate airflow can reason your computer"s processor, memory (RAM), and other internal hardware to overheat and potentially fail. Extreme heat can additionally significantly to decrease performance, as many processors automatically reduce their speed to prevent overheating. If you notification the computer system fan to run constantly, this might indicate that your computer"s air vents space clogged.

CAUTION: turn off her computer and also disconnect the power cable or AC adapter prior to using compressed air to clean your computer. Monitor the indict on the next of the compressed wait can, as utilizing compressed air wrongly can damages your computer.
CAUTION: do not shot to blow the dust using your mouth. Humidity can cause irreparable damage to electronic or electrical components.
CAUTION: do not use vacuum cleaners or blowers. Vacuum cleaners and also blowers cause static and may damage electronic or electrical contents inside her computer.
how to Clean computer Fans

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turn off the computer. use a have the right to of compressed wait to eliminate dust or debris indigenous the wait vents.
To prevent overheating, keep the computer in one upright position and on a hard or sturdy surface, and carry out adequate clearance roughly the waiting vents.

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Upgrade the computer system memory (RAM).

Generally, most computers are capable of memory (RAM) upgrades. Prior to you take into consideration upgrading the memory (RAM) on your computer, we recommend the you verify exactly how much storage (RAM) is mounted on your computer and also the maximum quantity of storage (RAM) that your computer can support. Come learn an ext about computer system configuration and also memory specifications of her computer, see the User hand-operated on the assistance website.

NOTE: part Ultrabook laptops have combined memory (RAM) and also hence cannot be replaced or upgraded.
NOTE: prior to purchasing storage (RAM) modules, verify the form of storage that have the right to be used with her computer, the maximum lot of storage (RAM) and also the variety of memory modules that your computer can support.

To acquisition upgrade materials for her computer, go to the website.

To find out more, view the understanding base write-up just how to Upgrade memory in her Computer.

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Upgrade difficult disk drive to solid State journey (SSD).

Conventional difficult disk drives have actually moving components and hence have actually lower read or create speeds compared to solid-state drives (SSD). A solid-state drive uses flash memory and can check out or write data lot faster and also uses less power, in turn, extend laptop battery life. Upgrading come a solid-state drive deserve to provide far-reaching improvement in performance.

Things to consider prior to upgrading the tough disk journey on your computer:

kind factor - difficult disk cd driver come in two type factors: 3.5-inch drive - offered on desktop computers and also 2.5-inch journey - supplied on laptops. Connector - What form of connector is easily accessible on her computer? concept or S-ATA (Serial ATA) connector (SATA-I, SATA-II, or SATA-III connector). Volume - What is the maximum difficult disk drive capacity that is sustained by your computer?
NOTE: prior to purchasing a heavy State drive (SSD), verify the your computer system can support an SSD difficult disk drive.

To acquisition upgrade materials for her computer, walk to the website.

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Check to check out if one or more same problems occur in safe Mode

Safe mode prevents noncrucial applications and maker drivers native loading, i m sorry helps remove software together a reason of slow performance.

NOTE: display screen resolution in Safe mode is automatically set to 800 x 600 and also the icons and also text show up larger than normal. The desktop computer background background is disabled in safe Mode. This is normal behavior and also does not call for troubleshooting. Every the intuitive settings go back to normal as soon as the computer is rebooted into constant mode.
WARNING: when you log in come Safe setting (in this case, Safe setting with Networking), your anti-virus or anti-malware regime will be disabled. Please usage caution when associated to a network or the net while her anti-virus is disabled.

To learn how to boot your computer into safe Mode, see the links below based on the operating mechanism that is set up on her computer.

If the concern does no exist in for sure Mode, the problem is most likely related come a device driver or software. For sure to upgrade the an equipment drivers and also install any type of software update that might be accessible for your computer system including Microsoft windows Updates.

However, if the concern still exists in for sure Mode, go to the next step.

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Limit startup programs

Many applications or software application that is operation in the computer system tray, or also called notification area. This applications commonly launch during startup and stay running in the background yet remain hidden. Preventing these applications native launching throughout startup will certainly not only speed up the login procedure but also save a many memory (RAM) and also processing strength to boost the performance of your computer.

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WARNING: the is recommended the you do not disable the anti-virus or anti-malware regime or application from loading throughout startup. Disabling the anti-virus or anti-malware program might make your computer system vulnerable to malware infection.
NOTE: You have to be logged in together a user through administrator civil liberties on your computer to disable startup programs.
How to disable startup program in Microsoft windows 10, home windows 8.1 or 8 near all open windows. Push CTRL + transition + ESC crucial together top top the keyboard. In the job Manager window, click the Startup tab. Pick the regimen or applications that you desire to disable from loading throughout startup. Right-click and also select Disable. Repeat action 4 & 5 for all the programs or applications that you desire to disable native loading during startup. Restart your computer. How to disable startup program in Microsoft windows 7 nearby all open windows. Click the Start button. In the search box, type msconfig, and in the list of results, right-click msconfig and select Run together administrator. In the device Configuration window, click the Startup tab. Clean the program or applications that you want to disable native loading during startup and click OK. In the check window, inspect Do not display this article again and click Restart.

If disabling startup programs does not solve the issue, it is most likely that your operating mechanism is corrupt and you need to reinstall the operating system. Check out the Restore the computer system to factory defaults ar in the Troubleshooting Steps.