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Dippin" dots are fun to eat, and making the ice cream cream of the future is actually pretty easy! use this super-simple tutorial, and also you can be eating dippin" dots like a cool space-age child in no time flat.

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What space dippin" dots? They"re small balls of ice cream cream (or the frozen act of your choice), personally flash-frozen in fluid nitrogen. You deserve to mix the balls in various ratios come make other flavors, the tantamount of "swirling" the spices together in a soft-serve cone. It"s silly, but a many fun.

I teamed up v sherrycayheyhey to make dippin" dots in a range of seasonings for the 2012 SF ice Cream & hot Sauce Takedown. We made a bunch of funny things, including frozen blended drinks, however the crowd-pleasing favourite was cherry coke: a mix the coke dippin" dots and also maraschino cherry juice dippin" dots. I"m using that smell combo as the instance in this tutorial, yet feel free to use your imagination and test an ext bases and combinations. Special many thanks to audreyobscura because that the impressive photography.

Remember, it"s SCIENCE!


Ingredientscoca-colamaraschino cherry syrupother liquids-to-be-frozen of your an option (juice, ice cream base, and so on - friend can even mix in booze)

Toolsliquid nitrogen (usually in a dewar or other insulated container)2 metal bowlsmetal spoonwire strainerdisposable plastic container (bowl, cup, etc)needle, nail, knife, or other small hole punch (size depends on viscosity of fluid you"re using)insulated gloves or range mitts


The hardest part of this job is most likely to be obtaining liquid nitrogen.

First, you"ll need to buy or loaned a dewar, aka a double-walled container to keep liquid nitrogen. You have the right to buy them new or used, or loaned one native a girlfriend if you"re well-connected. Dewars aren"t cheap, yet they are a devoted tool that works well.

Next, you"ll need a resource of liquid nitrogen.

Most university chemistry, physics, and also biology labs will have accessibility to liquid nitrogen. If you understand someone who works at one of these, they have the right to probably snag you a pair of liters to do dippin" dots. Castle buy that in bulk, so it"s nearly certainly under $1/liter. Buy them a beer or a an elaborate coffee in return, and also you"re even.

Warning: liquid nitrogen is COLD!

No, really cold. Whatever you"re thinking of, it"s likely much cooler than that. It"s a frigid -196C or -320F, therefore much chillier than anything you"re most likely to have come into call with before. This includes dry ice, i beg your pardon sublimes at a fairly balmy -78.5C or -109F.

This means your standard procedures for dealing with cold items won"t quite work-related when managing LN2. To make certain your brain intuitively responds with the appropriate behavior, shot thinking of liquid nitrogen as, instead, extremely HOT.

Summary: take care of LN2 together if girlfriend were dealing with boiling water or warm oil, and you"ll likely get it about right.

This means:

Cold things space cold.Things the touch cold points are additionally cold.Don"t permit LN2 obtain trapped versus or near your skin. specifically watch the end for absorbent products (some range mitts space absorbent!) and also pockets, hoods, boots, shoes, gloves, or other clothes that could catch spilled LN2 and also trap it versus your skin. Also with number of layers between you and also the LN2, it"s tho cold enough to perform damage.Especially beware the gloves! While lock can safeguard your hands, it"s straightforward to gain a drip that LN2 inside and also trapped versus your hand long enough to burn if you shot to rip castle off.Pour far from you. This one must be obvious.Everything touching the LN2 will certainly be very cold, regularly dangerously so. If you"re not sure, check before grabbing that spoon or bowl.Never placed LN2 in your mouth. Beware that big frozen spheres may have LN2 trapped within - crush or popular music these bubbles before attempting to ingest them.Even there is no trapped LN2, dippin dots will start off cold enough to burn her mouth. Enable them come come up to a wise temperature prior to eating - check in her hands instead of her mouth.Remember the boy in Christmas Story that stuck his tongue come the flagpole? Don"t be that kid. And also if you execute stick your fingers or tongue come something, pour warm water over the grounding skin to remove it, never ever pull away.Don"t it is in dumb. Again, pretend it"s hot oil and behave appropriately.

Take your plastic container, and also poke a number of tiny little pinholes in the bottom. Start small and check - girlfriend can constantly make them bigger.

Test your holes by dumping in a bit of her liquid and bouncing the container over a bowl. You should obtain discrete autumn of liquid, not a drizzle or pour. A thicker, much more viscous liquid will need bigger holes, when a thinner less viscous liquid will certainly drip the end nicely with smaller holes. Adjust as necessary.

Stage every one of your bowls, strainers, spoons, and cups - girlfriend don"t want to be frantically grabbing at things while juggling ultra-cooled liquids!

Pour at least a ~1cm deep pond of fluid nitrogen right into your huge bowl, and also making sure your strainers and also spoons are right nearby. Ar a bath towel or pad of record towels ~ above the various other side therefore you have actually a location to set down her (sticky) plastic container in between uses.


Pour a bit of liquid right into your plastic container, and also jiggle it end the fluid nitrogen so separation, personal, instance drops drip right into the fluid nitrogen.

A water-based liquid will freeze quickly, for this reason you can jiggle (and freeze) quickly. Stir the fluid nitrogen bath with a lengthy spoon, and poke at the frozen balls to make certain they"re not sticking come the bottom of the bowl, or to every other. Note that alcohol can take much much longer to frozen - the greater % alcohol through volume, the much longer you need to wait in between drips to prevent drops clumping together and also ruining her perfect dippin" dotness.

If you want to be slow and also fancy, you have the right to use a syringe come get an ext perfectly-sized drips - yet it takes much too long, I"d rather have actually irregularly-sized ice cream cream blobs and also get to eat them sooner.

You deserve to either scoop or pour her dippin" dots the end of the nitrogen.

To pour, arrange your strainers in a second bowl, and also slowly pour everything (dots and also LN2) v the strainer. Girlfriend may need to poke in ~ the dots a little to ensure they"re all dislodged native the bottom that the bowl prior to pouring.

To scoop, usage a long wood or metal spoon, and also drain any kind of remaining LN2. The strainers may still be great for this. Many slotted spoons are probably not fine enough to strain your dots.

Pour your dots into a freezer-safe container, such as a steel bowl or tupperware, and also store end LN2, and/or in the freezer. (Note that alcoholic dots most likely melt in the freezer, so keep them over LN2 until all set to use.)

Don"t permit them melt before eating, else you"ll need to re-drip her dots.

Pour her dots right into a shooting glass or other tiny glass container that reflects off her dots. Layer to mix flavors, and also look awesome!

Remember, security first:

If you just pulled them out of liquid nitrogen, let your dots sit at room temperature because that a bit. Check them against the skin of your hands, and also then once that doesn"t burn test a piece in your mouth before serving come others. The dots will certainly be in ~ a great eating temperature for fairly a while, yet keep an eye out and pop castle in the freezer or back into LN2 before they melt.

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If you"ve been storing the dots in the freezer, they have to be an excellent to eat immediately, yet will have a slightly shorter lag time prior to they begin to melt and need to be re-frozen.

Have fun! this are good kid-party treats, and can be amazingly fun and nostalgic for adults. Make the efforts it, have a favourite flavor? permit me know in the comments!