by Stephanie Gerber · medically Reviewed by: Dr. Rina mary Allawh, M.D., 274 · might 25, 2020 · Updated December 4, 2020· write-up may contain affiliate links.

With the ubiquity of ingredient in cosmetic commodities that can reason issues ranging from clogged pores come hormonal inequalities , it’s necessary to store a wary eye on the materials of any product you placed on her skin. Yet caring for her skin doesn’t have to mean going without makeup!

Starting with a mineral-rich base, this basic DIY mineral clay eyeshadow enables you come experiment with your natural look, without using ingredients that could be harmful to her skin.

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How to do Mineral Clay Eyeshadow

Truly, the most beautiful function of this wonderfully an easy eyeshadow cooking recipes is the heal bentonite clay. If it plainly isn’t the star ingredient of your typical mineral makeup, this unassuming volcano ash clay powder is famous for its ability to draw out and absorb toxins, add to it’s antimicrobial and also full of mineral such together magnesium, potassium, and also calcium .

Because of these natural properties, bentonite clay is commonly used both internally and also externally for detoxification and healing . The is regularly used to aid remove excess oils and also debris indigenous the skin. Also though that hardens when it dries, bentonite clay is soothing and also calming come the skin. And also the extr mineral contents it has to offer renders it a perfect beginning place because that our eyeshadow base.

Perhaps the most daunting part of make this eyeshadow will be picking what colors come try! because that a super organic look at short cost, start by looking through her kitchen cupboards. Take cocoa powder because that a well-off brown and also spices such as cinnamon, ginger, paprika, nutmeg, and also turmeric for fun variations on natural tones (just it is in wary that the cayenne!).

But girlfriend don’t have to stop there. If you desire to lean toward a little darker shades, mix in some food grade activated charcoal, or branch out to broader variations of color with ingredients choose spirulina and beetroot powders. Girlfriend can even spring because that a bit of shimmer by including in organic mica powders.


Let’s get Started

Begin by mixing the arrowroot starch and bentonite clay to produce your eyeshadow base. Due to the fact that I to be making several various colors and shades that mineral clay eyeshadow, I separated the base into parts before the following step. Keep in mind that the more base you use, the lighter your shade will be, for this reason you might want to start with a small amount an initial and add an ext as you go to formulate your miscellaneous shadows.

Now the fun part—add in your colors! Experiment by building on them bit by little bit until you have actually reached your wanted tints. Then add a couple of drops the almond oil to the powder. Mash and also mix the drops of oil into the mixture until they are completely combined. If you feeling the flour is still too dusty, include 1–2 more drops the oil, and repeat until the eyeshadow is soft and also sticks together simply a bit.

Before using about the eyes, test the eyeshadow on a small patch of skin on the inner wrist, and constantly avoid using any known allergens.

And—voila! Simply use your eyeshadow powders to well-moisturized skin, and have fun with your new natural look.

Homemade Eyeshadow FAQ

What have the right to I use rather of bentonite clay?

If friend prefer, you can leave out the bentonite clay altogether and also just use arrowroot starch as the base. Necessary cornstarch would also work.

Can grapeseed oil be used instead of almond oil?

Yep! use whichever transport oil you like. Simply make certain to test it on her inner wrist area an initial to inspect for possible skin and eye irritation.

What is the shelf life the homemade eyeshadow?

As lengthy as you nothing see any kind of changes in the consistency (such as clumping) and you save it clean (I recommend making use of a sifter seasoned to protect against contamination), it must last 4–6 months.

How deserve to I make a light, brightening eye shadow?

Try white kaolin clay (1:1 in place of bentonite clay) and also arrowroot starch together the base. Then include a pinch that whichever pigment flour you choose for color. You deserve to also include some white mica powder for a soft shimmer.

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Would this work-related on the confront too?

Yes! begin with the bentonite clay and arrowroot strength base, then include pink pigments because that blush or skin ton pigments because that a challenge powder. I typically mix different shades that clay (this firm makes a ton the skin-friendly shades) till I get a color that most closely matches my skin tone.