with a quad-core 1.9GHz processor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the fastest phones ~ above the planet, however sometimes it can be hard to tell. Samsung"s Touchwiz UI is bursting in ~ the seams with software program goodies, but these have the right to have an impact on exactly how the device feels when you use it.

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This tip originates from the an excellent folks over at the XDA Developer"s forum, and also you"ll it is in surprised at the distinction when you room finished.

First, you need to go come Settings > much more Tab > Developer options.

If you can"t discover the "Developer options" menu option, you"ll must go an initial into "About device", scroll under to the bottom and tap ~ above "Build number" 7 times. As you begin tapping you have to see a countdown appear, climate a message around Developer options when you have finished.

In Developer options, go down till you uncover Window computer animation scale, Transition computer animation scale and also Animator term scale. Turn every one of these alternative to "Off". Now, examine to see how much much faster it feeling to usage the phone, especially turning on indigenous standby and switching between screens.

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The three alternatives switched turn off are component of the TouchWiz UI and also control computer animation elements for once you are moving in between sections that the phone. Samsung think these elements give the call a refined feel, and you might agree, but we think it just slows points down. If you don"t favor the impact of having actually them off, you can quickly reserve the actions above.

Via XDA Developer"s forum


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