I recently upgraded to google fiber (100 mbps speed) and using the google network box it only provides speeds of 40mbps. Would it be possible to rise the WiFi speed by connecting a router to the network box that have the right to broadcast a faster connection?


Go right into your fiber account and make a devoted SSID because that both 2.4ghz and 5 GHz

5ghz is the gold conventional nowadays so constantly connect to the one if possible. If girlfriend don't see it then it's a pretty good indicator the speed problems are with your device.

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This is great advice. 5ghz is lot faster, however has less range and is an ext susceptible to eco-friendly interference. If your machine doesn't have a 5ghz radio then you're no going come get good speeds whatever you do.

Maybe. It can be your device. If you affix a an equipment to the Google machine with one Ethernet cable, what speeds do you get?

You almost certainly wouldn't want a "router" linked to her network box, what you want is a wireless accessibility point.

Consumer wifi routers (including the network box) typically act together switch, router, firewall, and wireless access point all in one. Periodically they serve an ext roles 보다 that, like VPN server or network paper share. You can buy one and also disable the attributes that friend don't need. I've excellent this in the past and also it have the right to work quite well, however can be complex to perform if friend don't have experience doing this kind of point already. It's also kind of garbage in that you space paying for features you don't need, assuming you aren't repurposing gear you currently own.

Another alternative is to buy a wireless access point. You would certainly plug it into your network box and also configure the ssid (wireless network name, basically) and also password. It simply bridges traffic straight to the LAN, very same as the developed in wifi you usage now. This is the simple option, by far. I would certainly recommend you look in ~ Ubiquiti's UAP line of wireless accessibility points. Lock are terrific for the price, and also easy to configure. They have actually an app for her smartphone you can use to set them up.

This all assumes her network crate is the issue. Countless factors can impact wireless connectivity, and also you might well be restricted by the device you space using. Mine phone have the right to push 600mbps over WiFi in an excellent conditions, yet my tablet computer tops out roughly 150mbps. End 2.4ghz ns don't think either an equipment can rest 100mbps everything I do.

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I don't use the network crate at every anymore, I'm to run a virtualized pfsense router with an Ubiquiti UAP-PRO and a separate committed network switch. However when i did, ns was advertise something like 30-60 over 2.4ghz and also 200-400 end 5ghz. I've heard of human being having problems with them, so maybe I was lucky, but my personal experience was that the wifi was rather good. I relocated to a various solution for many reasons, however wireless throughput to be not among them.