Changing your settings and also managing her storage room are two points that almost every Mac owner will encounter over the course of utilizing their computer.

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One setup involves the internet browser homepage that shows up when you very first launch Safari on her Mac.

When you open the Safari internet browser on your Mac, the is most likely opening to every little thing page you had actually previously collection as her homepage. However if you uncover that your very first step when using Safari requires navigating come Google, then it can make much more sense to set Google as your homepage instead.

Our tutorial listed below will show you whereby to find the Safari setup that determines the homepage that is used. You deserve to then choose whether you want Safari to open to your Homepage in new windows, brand-new tabs, or both.

How to collection Google together Homepage on Safari

Open Safari.Click Safari, then Preferences.Choose General.Enter in the Homepage field.Click Change Homepage.

Our guide continues below with additional information and also pictures of this steps.

How to collection Google together Your residence Page in Safari (Guide v Pictures)

The measures in this write-up were carry out on a MacBook Air utilizing the macOS High Sierra operation system. By following the procedures in this overview you will readjust the setups for Safari so that it opens up to Google when you start the browser.

Step 1: open up Safari.

Step 2: Click Safari in ~ the optimal of the screen, then pick the Preferences option.


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