March has finally arrived, and also it’s time to start pretending choose your ancestors are actually from Ireland for this reason you can celebrate the biggest drinking holiday of the year – St. Patrick’s Day. Us all know you’re actually German, therefore it’s fine.

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St. Patrick’s work is all around beer. However why drink regular Natty when you can celebrate more appropriately with green beer? Kick turn off the solemn event in style by do your own festive creations. Below are 7 an imaginative ways to turn your drink environment-friendly without food colour (because that’s boring).

Bonus points if you destruction your “Kiss me, ns Irish” t-shirt out of your attic to wear if concocting.

1. Sidewalk Slammer

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This one’s not for the pass out of heart. Light drinkers, weak stomachs, and also health professionals should reconsider now, before it’s as well late to rotate back.

Creating a Sidewalk Slammer needs mixing a 40 oz. Malt liquor and with a 4 Loko malt beverage. Because that the eco-friendly effect, Watermelon or to apologize will work best. If the assumed of this drink renders you cringe, I’m v you. However to that is credit, four Loko masks the damaging malt beer taste, if beer tones under the sugary-sweet 4 Loko. Perhaps it’s a complement made in heaven?

2. Beer Margarita


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The title is pretty self explanatory. In Pittsburgh we contact this a Yinzerita, however it additionally goes by the name of “Margarona” or “Mexican Bulldog Margarita.” At an initial I to be pretty skeptical around this look at bizarre combination, however I am currently a vast Yinzerita fan and also advocate.

#SpoonTip: Come summertime, shot the Georgia Peach Yinzerita native Pittsburgh’s stole Cactus, made with an IC irradiate Mango. It may not be green, yet is delicious.

3. Blue wave Bomb


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This drink was influenced by the Panther Bomb, offered at Peter’s Pub in Pittsburgh. Technically, the made v a Red Bull and also (what i’m actually simply assuming is) a shot of Blue tide vodka. As I watched my girlfriend consume the beverage the other night, ns couldn’t assist but wonder what it would taste choose with beer. I’ll leaving it up to you come let me know what friend think.

4. Beer Mojito

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Okay, I’ll be honest, I had actually to tweak this cocktail a little bit together well. The recipe calls for ginger beer, which is no real beer, as it consists of no alcohol. Are afraid not, I’m below to carry out the perfect solution.

We’ve all heard of not Your Father’s source Beer, the beer that in reality tastes exactly like soda. Currently the brewery also sells no Your Father’s Ginger Ale, which, in my opinion, is the perfect ginger beer sub. Integrate muddled mint leaves, 3 oz. Silver- rum, 8 oz. No Your Father’s, 3 oz. Lime juice, and voila!

5. Hop Skip and also Go Naked

This drink mixes beer, whisky, soda, and also lemonade, yet for St. Patty’s day purposes, we’re swapping the lemonade the end for limeade. This one might be a stretch, but if you use reeeeally light beer and also reeeeally dark limeade (is that a thing?), it may contain a green tint.

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For a whole pitcher’s worth, use 72 oz. Beer, a pint of whiskey (again, go for a lighter colored brand), a deserve to of frozen limeade, and also lemon-lime soda if you prefer a little extra flavor. Garnish with limes to include to the environment-friendly aesthetic.