Hi, yes, your daily PSA: stop catering come men"s needs as if yours don"t matter. Particularly in the bedroom. It’s the year 2020. As ladies channeling significant Lizzo energy, it"s just as necessary to look for your own pleasure together it is your partners.

So very first off: shed the regressive trope the needing to please her man, and only her man, because that’s totally backwards. Your orgasm matters simply as much as your partner’s go (no matter what your genitalia look at like). Us good? Good.

Now, if you’re just in the slightest curious about what your guy may crave in the bedroom, completely get that. Very recommend you initiate a sex speak since great sex = great communication. However if you likewise just desire to execute your research very first (you know, to figure out what you desire to talk about before talking about it), we’ve gotchu.

Here room 21 things men may be into the bedroom, every relationship and sex experts:

1. He desires you to show him just how you favor it.

Men room verrrry much visual learners. Display him, literally with your hands, exactly how you like it. “Don"t be afraid to relocate his hands, position your body, and also use verbal and nonverbal interaction to certain a good time because that you both,” claims Vanessa Geffrard, sexpert for lovers adult health brand and also retailer. (Sexy function play tip: place on the bed and also touch yourself while friend order him come look but not touch. A sexy, easy method to show and also tell).

2. He desires to take it it the end of the bedroom.

“Men love variety. Keep it interesting by exploring new places to play, such as the kitchen table, wash room, in the car, or also outside,” says Jacqueline Misla, sex expert and also COO of Curious Fox, a community for the polyamory-curious. “Having sex in new areas can also lead to much more fun and creative opportunities to roleplay.”

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3. He wants you to do eye contact with him.

Yup, periodically it’s all around that ~emotional~ connection. “Men want to see exactly how their partner is feeling and reacting come what they"re doing,” says relationship experienced Chloe Ballatore. “The much more women deserve to lose us in the moment and enjoy what their man is doing come them, for them, the better.”

4. The craves more! Laughter!

Humor take away the press off of, well, pretty lot everything. Exact same thing uses to sex. “I’ve spent years in encounters and also relationships where every little thing in the bedroom is for this reason serious. It’s like as soon as we toss aside ours clothes, ours senses that humor gain thrown out together well,” says Bryan T., 28. “Having a good laugh have the right to improve intimacy and relieve some of the press I feel to perform. This makes it much easier to be spontaneous and also let loose,” that says.

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5. He desires to “make love” too.

Yeah, sex is cool and also all, yet so is a more intimate physical connection with a companion you really love. Sexologist and sex therapist Shamyra claims that in she practice, she’s uncovered that if the term “making love” isn’t frequently initiated by men, lock usually point out it after ~ their companion has lugged it up first. After getting over the stigma the the corniness the “making love” together a term, Shamyra says these males do want to make love, together in have actually sex slower, much more intentionally, and an ext passionately.

6. He wants you to initiate sometimes.

One of the most common complaints Shamyra hears in couples treatment is that male partners in hetero relationships feel favor they frequently have come initiate sex v their female partners. “Men favor to be seduced, they choose to feel desired and attractive,” claims Shamyra. “Initiating sex sends the post to your male that you want him, which offers him a significant confidence boost.”