1/2 cup fifty percent & fifty percent or milk1/4 teaspoon vanilla1 Tablespoon sugar1/3 cup absent salt3 cup of crushed ice1 gallon dimension freezer bag1 sandwich size freezer bag

2In the sandwich-size freezer bag, mix together half & half, vanilla, and sugar (and cocoa flour if making chocolate ice cream).

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4Seal gallon-size bag tightly, and shake for around 5-10 minutes till mixture is frozen. This is the perfect possibility for a son helper however consider using gloves or a kitchen towel since the mixture will certainly be cold.

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Want a fun way to do ice cream at home?!

There’s no ice cream maker needed. Just shake increase a sweet treat! shot making delicious creamy homemade ice cream in a bag at home with just a few simple ingredients. This recipe makes a perfect project for the kiddos to help with – an excellent for a summer break activity, or any time of the year!


You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream!

My kids loved this task so much! and we to be so pleased the it actually worked, kinda like a cool science experiment. We made a chocolate flavor, however you can get an imaginative and make various flavors, or add fun toppings.