In the early on days of my state’s stay-at-home order, when the supermarket shelves were virtually bare, ns picked up a pair cans that corned beef hash out of desperation. I figure I might as well eat some, due to the fact that I have it. I tried making some last night in a scanpan (non-stick) over medium high heat with just a little bit of grape seeds oil - which ns let gain shimmering hot - yet although that browned increase a little it never got really crispy.

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Would a stainless stole pan work better? should I use high heat? I have various food preparation oils, and bacon fat and duck fat. I’d appreciate any type of tips on exactly how to make this ingredient crispy, together I can’t was standing it as soon as it’s mushy.


"If you have actually fat top top the meat you don't require fat top top the pan."

Corned beef hash is an extremely greasy, every on that own. Just get the pan hot prior to you include the meat in. I cook on medium. Spread out the hash evenly and let it cook like 5 minutes before turning it. It should be nice and also brown.

I actually made corned beef hash this morning (the crate stuff) in my 13" Lodge actors iron pan.

That makes sense. Ns wasn't sure if fat to be necessary. Perform you think I'd be better off using my stainless stole pan next time? ns don't have cast iron (I'm older, v occasional wrist problems, so cast iron is difficult for me to handle).

I imagine you didn't leaving it alone lengthy enough. Your pan choice should it is in fine. Just leave the alone for as lengthy as you think friend should, then go longer, and also then just flip once you're really worried friend went also long.

You're more than likely right. Ns left that untouched for around three minutes before I started turning it to view if it had browned (and it had, a bit - it simply never do it come the crispy stage). I'll leave it for quite a bit longer following time.

Cast stole pan and also drain the corned beef and also then pat it dry and use some butter with that grape seed oil

Thanks. Ns was utilizing a smaller pan (my Scanpan is a smaller sized skillet; mine stainless is larger). I'll definitely shot it through the larger pan next, and also follow several of the other suggestions posted below - consisting of not making use of any extr oil, and also letting it cook for at the very least 5 minutes before even reasoning of flipping it. (Can I just say exactly how much I appreciate this sub?)

IMO pan product doesn't matter for corned beef hash. The crisps up in anything. There crucial bit is to use a huge pan so you can spread it thin.

I cook it top top high warmth until it's almost done, climate crack an egg top top top, drop the temp, and also put a covering on.

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