Ever since the release of iOS 13 (actually, iOS 13.2), Siri has actually been able to automatically read your incoming message messages and iMessages big from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The function requires that you room wearing AirPods (second generation), AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro, or win Solo agree headphones. As soon as a brand-new message arrives, Siri will play a tone, then read aloud the sender’s name and the new message. If a lengthy message is received, Siri will simply announce the sender’s name and that a message has actually been received.

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10 minutes

What girlfriend Need



iPod Touch


Update her device

Before proceeding, you will have to ensure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is updated to iOS 13.2 or later. To check what variation of iOS your machine is running, start by opened the Settings app, selecting the General option, and also then selecting About. The software version on your maker should it is in no reduced than 13.2. If you have to update her device, monitor the listed steps prior to proceeding.

Please note that to update your an equipment to iOS 13 (or come the an ext recent iOS 14), it must be either an iphone 6S, iPad wait 2, iPod Touch seventh generation, or a more recent model. Because that iPad devices, iOS 13 or 14 may additionally be referred to as iPadOS; however, it will certainly contain the very same “13” or “14” version number.

Step 1: To update your sustained device, begin by opening the Settings app; next, select the General option, then pick Software Update.

Step 2: If a brand-new update is obtainable for her device, it will notify you and prompt you come download and also install it. Otherwise, if your maker is already up to date, it will say so and also note your existing version that iOS.


Automatically review incoming messages through Siri

You deserve to easily permit Announce Messages v Siri to have your incoming messages review aloud.

Step 1: To have actually Siri immediately read her incoming messages, start by opened the Settings application on her iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. If you’re running iOS 14 (or later), go alongside Notifications, or go to Siri & Search if you’re to run iOS 13.

Step 2: one of two people way, madness Announce Messages with Siri next. Ensure the the Announce Messages through Siri option is enabled; once enabled, the toggle button will be colored green.

Step 3: From now on, Siri will automatically read incoming messages to your AirPods or supported Beats headphones.


Setup is complete

Siri will automatically send you a notice when you gain a new message without you having actually to say, “Hey Siri.” when Siri reads the message, girlfriend are complimentary to command it to do every little thing you please. If you want to answer to a message, friend will must say, “Reply,” and then phone call Siri your response. Siri will form your response but will certainly wait because that approval before sending her message, for this reason you’ll have the ability to look it over and also revise the if necessary.

Customize Siri announced messages

If you want to occupational without interruptions, girlfriend can adjust Siri’s setups so it i will not ~ alert you around incoming messages.

Step 1: Navigate come the Announce Messages through Siri screen and also click the Messages alternative underneath Announce message From.

Step 2: below you can pick even if it is you want Siri to notify you once you obtain a message from anyone (the anyone option) or just the texts from certain people such as those on her Favorites list, Recents, or human being in her Contacts.

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If you desire to send replies there is no taking the time to look at them end manually, girlfriend can change Siri’s setups so the it will automatically send your solution after girlfriend speak to it. If you’d like to go through this option, move on the Reply there is no Confirmation button on the Announce Messages v Siri page.