There’s nothing i want an ext out the our marital relationship than because that my wife to know exactly how much i love her.

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And if I’m being honest, it’s one area that I battle with in ~ times.

Running multiple businesses, three wildly active (but totally normal) boys and that crazy thing dubbed “life” regularly interfere through being 100% aware of my wife’s feelings.

Fellas, hear up. That’s simply an excuse and also a bad one in ~ best.

Your mam deserves to be loved.

She deserves to smell it, feel it, sense it, recognize it, and most importantly, believe it.

Here are 56 ways to display your wife how much you love her.


1. yes, really listen to her. Placed down your phone, revolve off the TV, and also find the end what’s walk on in her life.2. Pray because that her. If this is tough for you, check out ours prayer challenge.3. Pray through her. view above.


4. Don’t flirt with other women. Do I really should go here? Don’t execute it.5. Do the laundry.

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Yes, to wash sucks, but your wife doesn’t enjoy it anymore 보다 you do. Surprise her and also do the laundry. Just make sure you read the labels and also don’t dried her favourite shirt that’s claimed to be dry cleaned only.6. Give her a massage. This is a win-win because that both parties. Particularly if the massage is in the bedroom.