People generally move less and also relax an ext when they lie in bed in ~ night 보다 they do when they are up and about during the day.

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The extra stillness may make a person much more aware of their body 보다 they are throughout an active day.

With this raised awareness, people may start to an alert that their eyes are itchy.

Share ~ above PinterestEyestrain may cause itchy eyes at night.
Many basic problems and conditions can reason itchy eyes at night.

These underlying reasons include:

Eyestrain: resulted in from staring in ~ a computer system screen because that too lengthy or driving long distances.Allergies: call with a foreign substance that reasons itchy, red eyes, such as makeup, pollen, and also dander.Dry eye: A problem where the eye does no get enough lubrication transparent the day.Conjunctivitis: A highly transmittable infection regularly referred to together pink eye that reasons red, itchy, and also burning eyes.Blepharitis: Inflammation the the eyelid resulted in by the follicle ending up being blocked.Meibomian gland dysfunction: as soon as the meibomian glands are blocked and also do not produce enough liquid to lubricate the eyes.

People with persistent itchy eye at night need to see a doctor to diagnose the cause.

A medical professional will likely start by reviewing the who medical background and symptoms. The doctor will then most likely do a physics exam, which has checking the person’s eyes and eyelids. If there is any kind of discharge ~ above the who eyelids, the doctor may take a sample that the discharge with a swab and also send it to a lab for testing.

If a doctor suspects the an allergy is bring about the itchy eyes, they may do a job test. Lock might also recommend a follow-up visit with an eye doctor.

Home remedies
Share top top PinterestUsing a humidifier may help to avoid the eyes and skin from ending up being dry and also itchy.

Some residence remedies can help treat and prevent itchy eye at night including:

For every 20 minute of computer work, people should look far from the screen and look at an item 20 feet away because that 20 seconds, i beg your pardon will permit the eyes to relax.

Warm and cool compresses

People can shot applying a compress for prompt relief that itchy eyes. Warm compresses over the eyes may aid relieve itching because of allergies. If itchy eyes feeling warm and also swollen, a cold compress ~ above the eye might assist ease the itch.

Keeping the eye area clean

Dirt, chemicals, and also makeup have the right to all cause itchy eyes.

Keeping the eyes clean at night can assist relieve the itch. Firstly, a person may should flush the irritant native the eye with cool water to clean the eye area.

Sometimes, gently rinsing the eyes with warm water top top a washcloth might be enough.

People who wear assembly should consider removing all their makeup prior to cleaning the eye.

Using a humidifier

Dry air deserve to make eyes itch since it can reason the eyes to dried out. Human being with itchy eyes may want to usage a humidifier in their bedroom, specifically during the winter or in dried climates.

Discontinue contact lens use

Wearing call lenses can cause eyes to it is in itchy even at night. Some world may wear their contact lenses overnight, which might lead to more itching.

Contact lens individuals who gain itchy eye at night can think around taking their call lenses the end to offer their eye a break till the itching stops.

Also, transforming the type of contact lens a person wears may help. A disposable call lens may aid prevent future eye irritation that deserve to lead to itchy eyes at night.

Avoid allergens

People with allergies need to take actions to try to avoid any allergens that cause their eyes to itch at night.

Sleeping v the windows closed, because that example, can assist reduce exposure to pollen and other outdoor allergens that might make eye itch.

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Keeping pets out of the bedroom can help reduce the lot of dander world come into call with in ~ night. Dusting consistently and changing the sheets have the right to also aid limit dust mites.