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Not a fan of including dyes and also artificial seasonings to her kids’ diet? This actual food version of “Kool-Aid” is easy to make and fun for kids. No chemistry required.

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Lately I see a many commercials because that convenience foods that just seem level silly. prefer to-go containers of peanut butter? since you don’t have enough time to scoop a small peanut butter into a container in ~ home?

Then there are the “foods” the are simply plain junk. Like “Kool-Aid” to express packs. Because it’s together a great idea to fill your boy with high fructose corn syrup and also food coloring the they had to do it even easier for you come do. And you can even do the on the go. Provide your boy a bottle of water…and then fill it with nasty stuff that contributes come ADHD and also other wellness issues.

I to speak just offer them the water and be done. There really is no need for anything extra.


How to do “Kool-Aid” there is no Food Coloring

Sometimes it is nice to have a treat. And there are also times as soon as your child requirements a beverage that is a bit much more hydrating than plain water, prefer this clever Water.

So I developed a real food version of “Kool-Aid” syrup to add to water. It’s made with high quality ingredients. To add it has unrefined sea salt v minerals because that hydration.

I send my daughter to school with a water bottle every day. Yet once in a while I add a pair tablespoons of our homemade fruit syrup. She gets a treat. And also she’s more likely come drink an ext that way and stay hydrated. A little flavor go a lengthy way.

How to avoid High fructose Corn Syrup

You don’t need the corn syrup and also food dyes to make water fun. Just make your own syrup (it just takes 10 minutes!). Then her child can still emphasis at school while having a delicious treat. And also if your child is like mine, they’ll tell your friends all about it and start teaching others about good health at a young age. Everyone wins.

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What do your children like come drink?

How around some “Kool-Aid” actual food style? The pictures display cherry “Kool-Aid.” girlfriend can additionally make blueberry or lemon lime or any type of combination. There is miscellaneous delicious because that everyone.