With so plenty of eyeliners ~ above the market, it can be difficult to pick the ideal one for you, but regardless of your preferences, there’s one option you can remove right away: fancy pencils. That’s right, folks — beauty, beauty lovers have been utilizing your kids’ favourite art tools as eye makeup. (Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either.)

It would be one thing if this to be an uncommon exercise that just a few people had actually tried, but there are some large names touting this possibly unsafe technique. YouTube beauty bloggers consisting of Rclbeauty101 (2.2 million followers) and SofiaStyled (200,000 followers) have made videos instructing your viewers to usage colored pencils together eyeliner, stating that it’s “nontoxic” and also therefore well for usage on the fragile eye area as makeshift eyeliner — however DIY isn’t always a an excellent idea.

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Crayola, the best name in fancy pencils, is now speaking out against this risky practice. In a statement on that site, Crayola strongly advises against the technique:

“Although our commodities are nontoxic, we perform not recommend utilizing them to do lipstick, eyeliner, or other make-up and also strongly discourage their use in this manner. They space not designed, tested, or approved for this purpose.”

The bottom line: conserve those fancy pencils for the art projects.

That’s what makeup is for.

Crayola has actually debunked beauty, beauty vlogger Rachel Levin’s concept that their colored pencils deserve to be used as eyeliner, lip liner, or any type of other sort of makeup.

In a video clip that’s been viewed much more than 1.8 million times, Levin reflects viewers just how to use Crayola fancy pencils together an different to genuine makeup brands. Due to the fact that the pencils room nontoxic, she confidently says they’re just as safe as her usual makeup. She also goes therefore far regarding compare the pencils to significant makeup brands, speak that, in her opinion, yes no difference in between them.

There is one big difference, however: Crayola no makeup.

In the clip, Levin call the Crayola hotline and also gets confirmation the the pencils have the right to go top top the skin. However the hotline doesn’t straight recommend utilizing the product on the face. And also now Crayola has released a pointed statement speak you need to not use their product in this manner:

Although our assets are nontoxic, we perform not recommend using them to do eyeliner, lipstick or various other makeup, and also strongly discourage their usage in this manner. The commodities were never ever intended come be supplied on the skin or challenge in this manner.

Makeup goes through certain and rigorous testing since it is intended to be provided on the skin. Because they were never ever meant to be offered as makeup, our colored pencils or crayons have actually not been tested in the same way and need to not be offered as a cosmetic. They room not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.

Thumbs up and three cheers because that this proactive step. Not just is Crayola protecting adults from this advice, however they’re likewise taking duty for their brand, protecting it from damage. Moreover, because children are major users of your products, making sure that the word is out that youngsters shouldn’t be using this in location of your mother’s lipstick, is critical. Following thing friend know, you’ll have viral videos mirroring the injuries sustained from adhering to Levin’s lead.

Every brand knows it’s necessary to keep tabs on how their brand is talked around online. However acting top top that information is the next best step. Also though this clip is largely positive (it’s fairly a compliment that a beauty, beauty aficionado would positively compare a product come a huge designer brand prefer MAC), you don’t want to wait for something an unfavorable to happen.



In theory, swapping her pricy eyeliner because that a 24-pack that Crayola pencils that expenses $4.99 sounds prefer a genius idea — and also beauty vloggers top top YouTube are entirely on board. Some, choose Rachel Levin, the beauty beauty vlogger who goes through Rclbeauty101 top top YouTube, have actually been posting tutorials on the best means to use colored pencils together makeup. In enhancement to eyeliner, Levin states she additionally uses the pencils on she lips (and cases they job-related just and MAC lip liner.)


“Pencils space safe to use on her skin, her face since it’s not toxic,” Levin says in a video clip in i beg your pardon she phone call Crayola customer service on speakerphone to confirm. “Companies literally do it therefore that small kids have the right to eat it and also be fine,” she adds.

Although our commodities are nontoxic, we carry out not recommend making use of them to do eyeliner, lip stick or various other make-up, and strongly discourage their usage in this manner. The products were never ever intended to be offered on the skin or face in this manner.

Make-up go through specific and rigorous testing since it is intended to be used on the skin. Since they were never meant come be offered as make-up, our colored pencils or crayons have actually not to be tested in the same means and should not be offered as a cosmetic. They are not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.

Unfortunately for makeup-hack lovers and anyone looking come save major cash on makeup, medical professionals agree: “Even non-toxic ingredient can reason irritation about the eye,” states Dr. Mark Jacquot, O.D., clinical director in ~ LensCrafters. “It’s like how you can eat a jalapeño pepper, but you wouldn’t want to placed it in your eye.”

While makeup ingredient are extremely regulated and also contain preventive that prevent bacteria from growing in the makeup, art gives aren’t organized to the same standards and don’t also have to perform ingredients ~ above the label, the adds. Dip your art pencil in warmth water, you’ll create an environment that’s ripe because that bacterial growth — also if you save the tips clean and only use the pencils on her face.

While some civilization might escape from a Crayola assembly session feather bright-eyed and also unscathed, others might have allergic reactions that range from bump on the eyelid come pain and itchy eyes. If you gain a bacterial infection (such as pink eye v icky discharge), that infection can spread come the cornea and ultimately expense you your vision, if left untreated. If you have been using Crayola pencils approximately your eyes, Dr. Jacquot states to acquire your eyes confirm to be extra safe. In the meantime? You might want to keep your coloring wherein it belongs: in your sketch book, not on her skin.

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Can you usage colored pencils as eyeliner?

Or are the materials used in colored pencils also harsh because that the skin or something?

Please tell me, and also why.