And the is a good idea to carry them to her office and have them as a lunch until the next paycheck.

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But wait,

You require a pot and stove in order come make prompt ramen.


Do you have these tools at the office?

Even if you have them in ~ the office, carry out you desire to to wash the pot ~ cooking?

In this post I will certainly talk about the 3 supervisor easy means to make ramen noodles without a pot and also stove.

Keep reading and also you will uncover out…


1. Lazy way: Microwave2. Lazier method : Using electrical kettle, a bowl, and plastic wrap3. The Laziest way: electric kettle just 4. Cup Noodles vs Bagged Noodles


1. Have you ever before wondered if girlfriend can cook instant noodles in her microwave?

Recommended: ★★☆☆☆Easiness : ★★★★☆Cleaning increase : ★☆☆☆☆Cooking Time : 7 MinutesTools : Microwave, a key (heat resistant), and plastic wrap


i. Why do civilization cook prompt noodles in the microwave?


If you don’t desire to usage a pot and stove, microwaving instant ramen in a bowl is the quickest alternative to chef your noodles.

You can save time since you simply need to wash her bowl and also utensils.

ii. How do I chef noodles using the microwave? 

1. To water 2 cups of water right into your microwave-safe bowl. 2. Warmth the water up till it beginning boiling in the microwave (1-3 minutes). 3. Put the noodles in the bowl and cover the rim making use of plastic plunder loosely. 4. Microwave the noodles in hot water for 5 minutes. 5. Make sure the noodles room cooked. If not, microwave for an extra minute. 6. Put the soup packet into the bowl and mix.


iii. Tips for food preparation noodles in the microwave

1. The bowl have the right to get really hot, so be careful.

2. The food preparation time relies on the noodles. You need to include 2 minutes on optimal of the recommended food preparation time on the package.


Example: 3minutes (on the package) + 2 minutes =5 minutes (time because that microwaving)

3. The water can spill the end of the key while you are using the microwave, for this reason don"t forget to clean increase after yourself.

4. It is much healthier and also tastier to put some vegetables on your noodles together toppings.


5. You should warm the water first. If you heat the water and also noodles together, the noodles will stay uncooked.

iv. What walk microwaved instant noodles taste like?


It looks just like normal consistent cooked immediate ramen. 

I think the soup is clearer 보다 usual.

Usually food preparation water i do not care cloudy however it appears this doesn’t occur when you use a microwave.

What about the taste?

It doesn’t have a smooth texture favor the continuous one.

It has much more of a rough texture

If you choose soft noodles, ns don’t introduce this food preparation method.

v. Pros of microwaving noodles

You deserve to heat her toppings up with noodles. If you put vegetables in, it will certainly be much healthier.

You don’t must use a stove and also pot.

vi. Flaw of microwaving noodles

It takes time. 

You could think the is much faster to cook with a microwave. 

However, you still need to boil the water fast.

Your bowl will certainly be really hot inside the microwave. Use gloves to take it out. 

Water and soup can spill inside her microwave.

Make sure to clean increase after yourself.


vii. Devoted Tool for Microwave Cooking

There is a device for cooking instant noodles in the microwave.

The role of this tool is the exact same as a warmth resistant bowl.

I think the only distinction is there is a dedicated lid because that it.

And this lid has actually handles so that you don’t should wear gloves as soon as you take it out of the microwave.

However, friend cannot warmth fatty toppings such as chashu through this tool, since this is do of plastic and also heated fat can melt the plastic bowl and also lid.

If you space using this tool, warm noodles and fatty toppings separately.

2. Every you need is an electrical kettle, bowl, and also plastic wrap

Recommended: ★★★★☆ Easiness : ★★★★☆ clean up : ★★★★☆ cooking Time : 5 Minutes devices : electrical kettle, a bowl, and also plastic wrap

i. Cooking instant noodles this way means you don’t require a microwave.


If friend only have actually an electrical kettle at your office, you most likely would want to cook your immediate noodles this way.

What you require is hot water, immediate noodles, a bowl, and also plastic wrap.

ii. Exactly how to chef noodles this way?

1. Warm water in an electrical kettle 2. Put prompt noodles into warm water 3. Do a lid utilizing plastic plunder 4. Wait because that 5 minutes 5. Mix through soup packet 6. Done

iii. What does instant noodles cooking this method taste like?


As you know, bagged immediate noodles space made to it is in boiled because that a few minutes.

You can be wondering, is soaking these noodles in hot water food preparation them in perfect condition?

Or, go the soup turn cold when you are waiting for 5 minutes?

Good news:

Surprisingly, the instant ramen the was made by just soaking in warm water is no that various from the ramen that was cooking in boil water.

I think the is far better than microwaving instant noodles.

iv. Advantages of food preparation instant noodles this way

You don’t need a stove, pot, or microwave.

Imagine the situation, the your boy is hungry and also he or she wants to eat prompt noodles because that snack.

But you are not comfortable v your child using a cooktop or microwave.

Doing that this way, you just need to prepare warm water in a thermos bottle.

So her child can pour the warm water right into the noodles and wrap the bowl and also wait for 5 minutes.


v. Flaw of food preparation instant noodles this way

If you want to have actually piping hot boiling soup, then i don’t introduce doing it this way.

vi. Advice of cooking noodles with

I recommend making use of a deep bowl because deep bowls store the temperature hot.

And noodles room cooked better in a deep bowl.

If you desire to have really warm soup, then i recommend boiling extra water and pouring the warm water right into the bowl to warm the key up.

After 30 seconds, get rid of the hot water, and also start food preparation in the bowl. 

3. The Laziest way: electrical kettle only

Recommended: ★★☆☆☆ Easiness : ★★★☆☆ cleaning up : ★★★★★ food preparation Time : 5 Minutes tools : electric kettle, a clip

i. Food preparation instant noodles this way, friend don’t need a bowl.

This method you don’t need to wash something if you usage disposable chopsticks or a fork.


ii. Exactly how to chef noodles this way?

1. Break the noodles in the bag. 2. Pour 1 and also a quarter cup of hot water right into the bag. 3. Close the bag with a clip and also wait for 5 minutes. 4. Placed the soup packet and mix. (Put in half the lot of the packet and adjust the taste as you like) 5. Done!

iii. What does immediate noodles cooked this means taste like?

The noodles space a tiny hard contrasted to the noodles that room cooked by boiling.

Probably the temperature the the noodles no high enough.

But it is no that bad! 

iv. Pros of cooking instant noodles this way

You only need hot water and also instant noodles.

It method you don’t need to wash any type of dishes and also pot.

What need to you perform after eating this noodle

Just throw the bag away right into the garbage can.

I think this is a great method because that emergency situations

Like natural catastrophes where you can not get food preparation tools and also tableware.

v. Defect of cooking instant noodles this way

It is complicated to cook and eat noodles in the bag.

You can think you need some support for the bag since this bag is make of soft plastic.

The bag doesn’t stand by itself.

Technically, you don’t need anything yet it is much better to have actually a crate to support.


4. Cup Noodles vs Bagged Noodles


There space two type of immediate noodles.

Bagged immediate noodles and instant noodles in a cup.

They are both cooked in hot water and take around 3 minute to cook. 

However, there room some differences.

Keep reading and you will uncover out.

Bagged prompt ramen looks prefer this.


Pros of bagged prompt noodles are

1. You have the right to arrange noodles by including vegetables or proteins together topping.

2. Usually, they are offered as a pack of 5 so the is inexpensive contrasted to cup noodles.

3. That is smaller sized than cup noodles, so that doesn’t take up much an are to store.

4. The expiry date is longer (8 month)

Cons the bagged instant noodles are…

1. Girlfriend cannot pick the smell if you buy in bulk. (You need to eat the very same flavor at the very least 5 times)

2. Girlfriend usually cook in a pot.

3. You must wash a pot and also other tableware.

Cup ramen looks favor this.



Pros of cup noodles are…

1. You just need to pour hot water right into the cup.

2. Friend don’t have to wash any kind of pot or dishes.

3. You deserve to pick the flavor each time.

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Cons of cup noodles are…

1. The is daunting to add vegetables and also meats together topping.