Miss Taco Bell mexican pizza? This copycat tastes just like the fast-food fave, with layers that crunchy tortilla, beans, seasoned beef, tangy sauce, and also plenty of cheese. A dead ringer because that the Taco Bell retiree, this recipe is likewise naturally healthier and also easy to do vegetarian, too.

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What renders This Taco Bell mexican Pizza recipe So Good

Taco Bell has constantly been a late-night staple, although not so much now the I have actually kids. Your Mexican pizza was always a favorite, v layers the crunchy, crispy tortillas covered in rich refried beans, tangy sauce, and also tons of melted cheese. When I heard they to be retiring the from their food selection (no!), I decided it was method past time to make my own version. This Taco Bell mexico pizza cooking recipes tastes so lot like the initial I to be nostalgic for, plus it’s healthier! now if I obtain the late-night cravings (just no so late), I can whip increase a batch the these. I could even permit the children have some!

Key Ingredients for Taco Bell mexican Pizza Recipe

Taco seasoning – A fifty percent a packet that taco seasoning provides the beef in this recipe tons of delicious mexican flavor.Enchilada sauce – Tomato-y, tangy, and full the seasonings like chili powder and oregano, also a store-bought jug of this gives your mexico pizza the authentic Taco Bell taste.Salsa — This enhancement to the enchilada sauce renders it an ext than a sauce yet less 보다 a salsa. The perfect combo for topping her Mexican pizza!

Top Tips for Making

To do vegetarian mexican pizzas, simply leave out the beef!You have the right to top this pizza however you like, with things sour cream, sliced jalapeños, or guacamole.

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I prefer it Taco Bell style with part diced tomatoes!

More Delicious mexican Recipes

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