Washington (lasignoralaura.com)In 2016, chairman Donald trumped promised at his project rallies the Mexico would certainly pay because that the giant wall he to plan to build on the border.

Running for reelection four years later, the chairman is now declaring at his rallies that Mexico is without doubt paying because that the wall.

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"And by the way, Mexico is paying," Trump claimed at a rally in Sanford, Florida, ~ above Monday. "They dislike to say it: Mexico is paying because that it."
"And Mexico is paying because that the wall, through the way. You know that. I"ve been saying it. They hate to hear that. But they"re paying," Trump stated at a rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday.
"And together I said, Mexico is paying for the wall," he added at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, top top Wednesday.
Facts First: This is a lie. Mexico hasn"t contributed any kind of money toward the building and construction of the border wall. The wall is gift funded by the us government.
"It is, so far, all American taxpayers" money," stated Tony Payan, director of the center for the united States and Mexico at Rice University"s Baker Institute for Public Policy.
"As much as i know, over there is no basis for President Trump"s comments that Mexico will pay for the wall, period," said Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor that immigration exercise at Cornell law School. "They have not in the past, and also I have actually not watched anything to suggest a readjust in the future."
The wall surface has to be funded in component with united state federal money appropriated through Congress and in part with united state federal money Trump has unilaterally -- and also controversially -- diverted to the project from other programs. Follow to an official update emailed to lasignoralaura.com in September by united state Customs and also Border Protection, trumped is utilizing $6.3 exchange rate diverted indigenous counter-narcotics funding, $3.6 exchange rate diverted indigenous military construction funding, simply over $600 million from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund and just over $5 billion in straight appropriated funds. (There are continuous legal challenges around Trump"s usage of funds that were not directly appropriated.)
As that September 18, 331 miles of wall surface had been built under Trump, according to the official update. Of those, nine miles had actually been constructed where no primary barriers existed before; 295 miles had been built in place of old barriers the federal government says to be "dilapidated and/or outdated"; 27 miles were new "secondary wall" come reinforce primary barriers.
The Mexican government has helped the Trump administration on immigrant in other significant ways. For example, it has deployed thousands of federal pressures to intercept migrants prior to they reach the US. Some experts have defined this initiative as a de facto wall.
Still, Trump"s wall surface is a physical job that costs billions of dollars. And that money is comes from Americans.
In February, Trump asserted that "redemption money" from undocumented immigrants was paying for the project. Professionals on immigration policy said the "redemption money" is not also a actual term -- and also they claimed Trump to be still wrong also if he intended remittance money, the payments immigrants send back to their countries of origin; trump never applied his 2016 project proposal to taxation remittances to money the wall.
Moments after he declared at the Monday rally that Mexico is paying because that the wall, trumped said, "We"re placing a border tax on because that cars and also trucks the go across. It"ll much much more than pay for our wall. Starting soon." He stated the same at the Tuesday rally: "You know, we"re putting a fee on wherein the cars go through. And it"ll more than pay because that the wall."
He made similar comments in august -- but the experts we contacted ~ above Tuesday stated they still did not understand what trump was talking about.

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"I haven"t heard any kind of concrete proposals because that a border taxation to pay because that the wall," Andrew Selee, the chairman of the Migration plan Institute think tank, said in an email. "It may just be the kind of project rhetoric that constantly springs increase at choice time, or probably the President has a brand-new proposal for a border tax in mind, but this doesn"t show up to have been a policy proposal from the White home or any company that I understand of."
The White House decreased to comment Tuesday ~ above our inquiry to explain how Mexico is paying because that the wall or to provide any specifics about the an alleged "border tax." The Trump campaign did not respond come our inquiry for comment.