I found this blog to be very informative. Her journey is really fairly inspiring.

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Your insight and also advice are really valuable! I’ve additionally been make the efforts to find income approaches that require tiny funding upfront and also are reduced risk. I extremely recommend adding a free Ko-Fi account to your portfolio! You can receive one off tips, monthly supporters, sell commissions and open a shop all in one place.

I’m really glad to see you persevering and also finding methods to continue success. Give thanks to you so lot for sharing your an innovative gifts. I truly wish you both the best!


Hi kamui! give thanks to you so much for this write-up so complete of details and useful ideas! im thinking of sharing several of my builds 3d files and also “how to build manuals” based on your advice i have actually only one concern…when you offer these files/books virtual how deserve to you protect against the client from sharing it for totally free to everyone? it is is actually something that has been make me hesitate, i give thanks to you in breakthrough for your time :)


Thanks for the feedback! Happy you favored the article! :) to be ethical with you, we have the same issue, yet I wouldn’t really speak to it a problem. It’s entirely normal for friends share the files and I’m okay with that. It might end up being only problematic, when civilization actually steal your work and share or even sell it. Luckily our ar or the cosplay ar in basic is remarkable protective and also supportive. Things favor that gain instantly reported and taken down. So ns this hardly ever happens within the community, however actually outside. However, will you really loosened money when your work shows up on a random 3D to press platform? most likely the human buying the wouldn’t discover your website and also shop anyway. So it’s no really prefer you space loosing a sale. My cosplay images also appear here and there in to press shops and also I candid don’t treatment at all. It’s simply not precious my time and also effort to perform anything versus that. However, as long as you get support from the community and also your fans, friend will additionally be maybe to come an income with your art! to it’s far better to emphasis on the an excellent things rather of the negative things! :)

Happy to help and thanks for her feedback!! Also, yes, we have to totally include Ko-Fi. Ns think it’s ultimately time come look right into this! many thanks for the recommendation! :)


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