Twitter is a go-to platform for connecting v your community, sharing breaking news, and showcasing her brand’s personality. Yet did you understand that you can likewise make money top top Twitter?

Twitter is a go-to platform because that connecting through your community, sharing breaking news, and also showcasing your brand’s personality.

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But did you understand that girlfriend can additionally make money on Twitter?

In current months, Twitter has rolled out several new e-commerce tools — and they’re appropriate for brands and also creators looking to journey revenue on the app.

Keep scrolling to discover some tried-and-tested money-making strategies:

7 ways to make Money ~ above Twitter

With 199M daily energetic users, Twitter is one of the biggest social media communication — and also the potential come reach new customers is huge. However how can you obtain in front of them and make money?

Here are 7 methods to do money top top Twitter:

#1: progressive Product or service Awareness

Creating thumb-stopping Tweets to promote your products can no only help raise awareness, but encourage sales too.

There are several means to perform this:

1. Share where your products can be found, choose illustrator Bria Nicole.

She mutual her partnership through retailer HomeGoods, and also asked her neighborhood to send her UGC must they view her occupational in-person.

The result? A viral Tweet (with end 7K likes!) and tons of comments from customers saying they’d acquisition her art.

2. usage GIFs and also short-form video to to mark your commodities in a funny way, favor beverage brand Olipop.

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They cleverly repurposed an Instagram Story boomerang because that Twitter come tease a brand-new product launch.

Ok, this stays in between us (the twitter fam is an excellent at maintaining secrets, right?)... We'll it is in launching a brand brand-new OLIPOP flavor quite soon‼️It's right now on ice, yet here's a sneak emergence of our brand-new fruity darling: classic Grape!