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Anchor income Report for My an initial 3 months Hosting top top!

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This is the data for you. You deserve to take a look in ~ it. You have the right to see 74,080 plays, $172 in my wallet, but actually, i took some kind of tiny payout.

The complete number I’ve in reality earned all time is $188.73.

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That’s the all-time quantity I’ve earn in 3 months.

So that’s like sixty dollars a month, which you might think sound pretty good.

Let’s take it a look at the cost per listen and also show girlfriend what ns did to gain this data.

I took $188.73 and I split it by 74,080.

This gives you the quantity I’m gaining per listen.

That way every time one person listens to my podcast, i get around a 4 minutes 1 of a cent, which method when 10 civilization listen to mine podcast, I acquire two and also a fifty percent cents.


A hundred people listen and also I acquire twenty-five cents.

A thousand civilization listen and I get two dollars and also fifty-five cents.

Thus, you can see my mean CPM ~ above is about $2.50.

Now sponsors ~ above have actually been paying considerably more. There has actually been a shortage of actual plays easily accessible on sponsorships recently, which has substantially lowered the earnings I earned since the beginning.

When I very first started on Anchor ns was earning somewhere like seven come ten dollar CPM, however now a many my plays room not monetized just since the advertisers don’t have the spending plan to monetize every play versus how countless plays there space available.

If you space thinking the you have the right to make a fill of money podcasting take it a look at this. One human being listening is worth a quarter of a cent appropriate now.

Now, this number can go approximately as lot as one or 2 cents because that you yet still, this is the kind of money you room looking at podcasting.

I’ve to be podcasting for 5 or six years at least and as you have the right to imagine 74,000 theatre in the last 3 months, that’s a most plays on mine podcast and also you might look at $172 being reasonably small 보다 you would expect contrasted to that countless plays depending on your expectations.


Still, has actually a many potential, particularly if you can get consistent listeners.

What you room seeing is no that I’ve got a substantial fan basic that’s listening prefer crazy. What you have the right to see is over there is around a hundred, 93.3 follow to the data, people who hear to every solitary episode.


Thus, girlfriend don’t require to construct a enormous following of people online. Friend really just need a hundred world that will certainly listen to every episode and you placed out an illustration every single day, and also you literally will have actually the same earnings or maybe even more, if Anchor it s okay the sponsorships payment better, 보다 me.

That sounds pretty manageable, don’t friend think?

With the Anchor mobile app, you can record one episode. There is no reason you couldn’t execute one really rapid every job if girlfriend really space serious about podcasting.

I put out a podcast episode almost every day on mine podcast and around a hundred or a pair hundred world listen to every solitary episode ns make.

One that the ideal tools I have for the on my website, which ns was not prepared to even talk about this, is a podcast player appropriate on mine website.


Most of mine plays come from this podcast player appropriate on my website.

The bulk of mine plays space coming directly off my website because I’ve acquired this Simple Podcast Press player ideal on the residence page of mine WordPress website.

Because what much better way to introduce world to what I carry out than just present you what I’ve got: podcast episodes, video clip courses, blog posts, etcetera.

This method it’s yes, really quick and easy for someone to click and start listening.

Another aspect that’s diminished the revenue I’ve acquired is I carry out mid-roll ads. Several of the greater advertisers need mid-roll spots, which way your ad does not play straight at the start of an episode, but it plays between episode content.

What I execute is I begin my episode out with around a minute or so of me actually talking about whatever I’m “blah-blah-blah.” You are talking that “blah-blah-blah,” and also then after about a minute, ns switch come a pitch for an advertiser, then i go earlier to the “blah-blah-blah” i was talking around in mine podcast.

This reduces the lot of ad revenue i get due to the fact that I don’t placed an advertisement also in ~ the really beginning of mine podcast. I think it’s annoying as soon as you space trying to listen to something and you automatically get an advertisement right at the start of it.

When I began out on mine podcast i just really easily and automatically put ads on and also they all proved up appropriate at the front. That’s how you gain the greatest CPM uneven you have obtained a mid-role advertiser that’s functioning really great and friend have obtained a high percentage of people listening to the ad break.

You can do something like you can just do your intro music that’s the exact same on every episode, then you could break-up right there and drop a podcast ad in best after that, and also then you have the right to have a very good shot in ~ earning the highest income from that.


But ns can’t be bothered with a stupid intro either due to the fact that I favor to just acquire straight to the point. I want you to hear to me talk around whatever I’ve gained to say right away there is no playing about with music or anything else, let’s just acquire right into it.

Thus, it is possible to earn significantly higher, I would say to earn also five or ten times as much as I’ve earned podcasting and also all you need to aim because that is, have the right to you find a hundred world that will certainly listen to every among your podcast episodes?

You absolutely should it is in able to. Let’s speak to your mom, her dad if the is lively or your mommy if she is live. Mine dad is not anymore. My mom is alive, but she doesn’t listen to mine podcasts, poor example.

Let’s speak to her friends, your family members members. If you walk to prefer a recovery team like I do at AA every day, speak to your AA people, talk to people at her church if you go there, speak to world at her school, or her work.

There is no factor you can’t find a hundred civilization to listen to her podcast every day. Over there is no factor you can’t earn better than I’m earning on my podcast v not putting an advertisement until a minute or 2 in, and also with the current ad revenue shortage.


You can discover a hundred world who will certainly listen to an episode, and also then as soon as you have discovered a hundreds people, once you actually carry out a an excellent job on her podcast, people will most likely share and also tell other people.

You literally can construct a podcast and do an excellent just by placing an episode up every day, detect a hundred people that will certainly listen to it, and you have the right to see the type of earnings you make from this.

I imagine if this is useful you will certainly be dying to sign up with the listener on mine podcast today, which has actually lots of an excellent stuff choose this because that you. I appreciate you the town hall this and I hope it’s useful.

Final words

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