Interested in utilizing Turo to knife money with that auto that"s just sitting in her driveway? Here"s my legit evaluation of your platform.


Cars space expensive.

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Research indigenous AAA reflects that the average cost of owning and operating a sedan deserve to reach a lining $8,500 per year once factoring in tires, finance charges, maintenance, insurance, fuel, depreciation, licenses, taxes, and insurance.

This figure can it is in even greater for those with older, gas-guzzling cars.

One method to offset the cost of owning a car is by do it accessible as a rental car through a organization like Turo.

Bottom Line

It doesn"t matter if you own a Tesla, Ford, BMW, Pontiac, or the classic Toyota Camry: You have the right to make a most money ~ above Turo. It takes part time, yet the much more you use the platform, the more Turo endure you gain... And the much more money you can make.


countless earning potentialFlexible and also easy-to-use platformSet your own priceOffer many vehiclesInsurance is listed


many host fees, including a commission feeStrangers steering your vehicle can it is in unpredictableGiving your auto up when it"s being rentedBinding host agreements

What is Turo?

Turo is a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) automobile sharing marketplace owners deserve to use to book vehicles for short durations.

According to Turo, the company has a network of end 14 million users. At the time of writing, the website has more than 450,000 vehicles listed, with over 850 unique makes and also models to select from.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Here’s a break down of exactly how to obtain started v your rental vehicle on Turo.

1. Authorize up because that Turo

The an initial step is to produce a totally free account on Turo.

You must have actually a vehicle that meets relevant criteria and also go through the procedure of registration and also providing personal information. Girlfriend can likewise sign up through Facebook, Google, or through Apple ID.

2. Go v the approval process

Before customers are allowed to perform a vehicle on Turo, they need to be approved. The agency needs to check out a driver’s license, residence address, the last 4 digits of her Social protection Number, and also a recent photo.

In addition, the automobile needs to accomplish Turo’s eligibility requirements. The automobile must satisfy all legal demands for your region and you can only perform eligible vehicles registered to you or to an authorized owner.

3. List your car and earn

After gaining approval to perform a rental automobile on Turo, the next step is listing the vehicle.

Enter the vehicle’s registration number, make, model, year, and also the car identification number (VIN), if applicable. Duplicate VINs aren’t enabled on the Turo app.

Users likewise need to upload at the very least one photograph of the car, although two photos are recommended (both interior and exterior). For the ideal results, the website recommends using multiple images so the a potential renter knows what they’re getting into.

The final step is writing a detailed description of the car. The much more persuasive the description, the easier it’ll be to lure renters.

A great Turo summary should plainly state any rules (like no cigarette smoking or pets), optimal features, perks favor roadside help or spare charging cables for electric vehicles, and a paragraph that persuades potential renters the your car is their best bet.

Great, reasonably priced cars commonly sell themselves. For older models, friend may have actually to acquire a bit an innovative with descriptions.

Turo Features

Here are some of Turo’s peak features.

Scalable service

While Turo restricts listing cars through the very same VIN, it doesn’t protect against users from entering an ext than one car.

Users can pick how plenty of cars come share ~ above the platform, offering a scalable rental company for persons who own multiple cars and also can list a whole fleet ~ above Turo.

Flexible service

Users can additionally choose when to make their car obtainable on Turo.

Some users may choose to make their car available while at work or ~ above weekends as soon as they don’t require to acquire around. That a flexible method to earn money, through an on-demand model similar to driving for Uber or Lyft.

There’s just one difference: you don’t have to drive.

Large global network

Turo is active in more than 5,500 cities throughout the unified States, Canada, and also the united Kingdom, making that a an excellent option for civilization with cars in much more than one place or as soon as traveling to various locations.

You could potentially drive throughout the United says on a road trip from new York to mountain Francisco and also rent your auto as you avoid in various locations. This is a good way to pay because that gas and amenities when traveling.

Unlimited earning potential

According come Turo, the median U.S. Organize earns $706 every month.

How much you do on Turo largely depends on the top quality of her car, the amount you charge, and also how regularly you make it available.

Of course, the nicer her car, the much more you’ll make on Turo. The user experience can vary substantially from human to person.

Insurance included

One question that new Turo users frequently ask is whether Turo is safe to use.

As it turns out, Turo offers up to $750,000 in legal responsibility insurance from Liberty Mutual. In addition, users can choose between various protection plans.

Turo Pricing and also Fees

Turo cases hosts have the right to earn about 60% come 85% that the pilgrimage price in addition to fees.

One thing to be aware of once using Turo is the site has a long list of organize fees, which are the most essential thing come consider prior to signing up because that the service.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

Cleaning policy

Turo calls for hosts to administer a clean vehicle at the time of pickup. If the car isn’t clean and a guest provides photo evidence, the site charges a cancellation fee.

Should the guest fail to carry out photo evidence, the website will pay one day’s mean trip cost for trips of more than 2 days or 50% of one day’s typical trip expense for trips much shorter than 2 days.

No-show fee

Failing to show up because that a booked trip costs $150.

Host expedition cancellations

Canceling a trip an ext than 24 hours before the start of a trip results in a $25 cancellation fee. Canceling much less than 24 hours before results in a fee of $50.

Maintenance plan violation

Turo has strict maintenance demands for vehicles. Disregarding Turo’s maintenance policy can result in a $100 dues plus a $200 roadside fee if roadside help is required for the driver.

Check the end the full breakdown of Turo’s organize fees.

Turo Promotions

Turo provides a variety of discounts and also deals because that hosts.

Here’s an introduction of several of the top deals the agency is supplying at the time of writing.


$20 off YourMechanic15% off Jiffy LubeLube, oil, and filter company plus tires rotation for $25, up to 12% off every services and also products from Meineke


up to 75% off sleeve prices in ~ SpiffyExclusive pricing top top cleaning services at Goodyear


Pay-per-mile insurance indigenous MetromileDiscounts on little fleet auto insurance native Liberty shared

Tools and technology

30% off safety devices from Bouncie

Turo Security

Turo uses around-the-clock roadside help in situation an emergency arises.

In addition, the agency offers a generosity insurance policy in the occasion a customer has any kind of issues while driving her vehicle.

Turo customer Service and also Support

Turo provides 24/7 client support and an experienced safety and security team to answer any questions for hosts or guests once they arise. Turo is known for providing rapid and accessible support because that users.

What’s more, the firm offers one-on-one business coaching and even market intelligence to aid build a profitable enterprise.

Pros and also Cons that Turo


unlimited earning potentialFlexible and easy-to-use platformSet your very own priceWrite your very own listingsOffer multiple vehiclesInsurance is provided


many host fees to be mindful of, consisting of a the supervisory board feeStrangers driving your vehicle can it is in unpredictableGiving your vehicle up while it’s being rentedBinding hold agreements

Alternatives come Turo

Not certain whether Turo’s the best fit? below are some similar services.


Getaround is a height Turo alternate and a leading marketplace that users have the right to use to list their cars.


HyreCar uses a short-term car rental company that lets users hold their vehicles. The agency provides insurance as with Turo.


Airbnb is the top P2P house-sharing site. This is a great option for world who desire to rent rooms ~ above a short-term basis.

If you’re willing to rent the end your car, why no rent the end your space?

Turo FAQs

Is Turo worth it?

It relies on your objectives as a vehicle owner and how much you’re looking come make.

For world who have the method to buy and list new cars, it deserve to potentially lead to a rewarding business. However, it takes savviness because of the high commissions Turo levies.

It deserve to potentially make more sense to obtain a automobile that expenses less however is more functional, prefer a pickup truck or van because that hauling loads. If you’re considering signing up because that Turo, it payment to think about your neighborhood market and overall demand.

Is Turo reliable?

Turo is a trustworthy site with fantastic reviews and a an international network of users.

The website competes with car rental companies, permitting users to rental cars in development or at the last minute when participating in the sharing economy. Turo auto rental is a great option for auto owners too, permitting them to start a traditional automobile rental organization over a modern-day app.

Turo is well-known in heavily populated cities choose Los Angeles and San Diego, California, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, Tampa, Florida, and new York City. It’s also catching ~ above in countryside areas.

What percent does Turo take?

The percentage that Turo takes counts on the insurance coverage plan selected.

Commercial master can carry out their very own commercial or rental liability policy and also earn either 92.5% in the United claims or 80% exterior the country. Most users earn between 60% and 85% of the pilgrimage price, along with fees.

As the agency explains, acquisition a lower Turo insurance arrangement can lead to greater earnings. But you’ll need to pay a greater deductible in the occasion you have to control a damages claim and request reimbursement.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you very own a Tesla, Ford, BMW, Pontiac, or the standard Toyota Camry: You deserve to make a most money top top Turo. It takes part time, however the more you usage the platform, the more Turo endure you gain… and the an ext money you can make.

In fact, it’s feasible to manage a entirety fleet and treat Turo prefer your very own rental agency. Or, you could use the to make extra cash when you’re not utilizing your automobile during the day.

Add that up, and the service is really flexible for those who want to do extra money.

First-time users are strongly urged to review Turo’s service and fee policies and also have solid car insurance as a back-up just in case.

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For many auto owners, Turo functions wonders, offering a means to generate an income stream to pay off credit transaction card debt or auto repairs.