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Do you have actually a gift card or 2 that girlfriend think you could not use? You can make money currently by marketing it online.

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You might make even an ext money by buying and selling various other people’s gift cards…although it have the right to be a tad risky. Discover out just how here.


Why need to you offer your gift cards?

Did you understand that around 20% that gift cards are never used? What a waste of money!

According to gift card re-seller platform, Cardyard, the UK’s general public may have thrown away practically £500 million in unspent gift cards last year. That’s like throwing away huge bundles that £50s!

Much of the moment we waste gift cards because they operation out prior to we have the right to use them. Around 6% of all gift cards space wasted yearly through loss or expiry, i beg your pardon averages out to over £15 because that every working-age adult.

This year it’s to be harder to usage some gift cards due to the fact that so numerous places have actually been closed.

Now, as the UK opens up up again (gradually), many civilization will have actually a gift map or 2 languishing far in their wallets.

If friend do, we recommend the you spend them as easily as possible – also if it’s to buy a gift for someone else later on – together we don’t know if every the shops will proceed to remain in business. Us have already seen a few big names autumn by the wayside. Who knows i beg your pardon one will be next?

However, another means to get the many from her gift cards is to sell them come other human being for cash. You can not gain the full amount earlier but at the very least it’s cash in your pocket the you have the right to use wherein you like.

So, below are’s optimal tips because that flipping or reselling your gift cards.

Gift card flipping

If you have actually the time, you could make regular money by gift map flipping.

Gift card flipping works similarly to the flipping of other products:

You buy other for less than its confront valueThen you make a profit throughout the reselling the it.

If you drive a tough bargain you can potentially to buy a £50 gift card for one shop at £40, then resell the on because that £45. This would median £5 profit for you.

If the seller was provided the gift card for cost-free they would certainly pocket the complete £40.

The difficulty in the an initial place is searching for discounted or free cards, which can be in a number of places. Obtain onto eBay, on facebook Groups, Gumtree and the others mentioned above and scour them day-to-day for gift cards. Market the sellers a cut-down price for their cards. Providing to buy your friends’ gift cards at a discounted price could additionally be a good option if you’re trying to find a deal. Some of them will certainly go because that it just for a rapid sale, climate you have the right to sell castle for more either in ~ Cardyard or on among the various other reselling sites.

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Use gift cards quicklyCheck the expiry date. Part gift cards space surprisingly short-lived.Avoid obtaining scammed: Never offer out gift card info over the call to who claiming to be with the police, a energy company, the federal government or any kind of other third party. This agencies execute not accept payment via gift cardStore her cards in a secure place, Remember lock are effectively money.Until you’re ready to use the card, leaving the scratch-off product on the pin number on the earlier of the cardUse solutions that verify the balance the a gift card prior to selling itUse gift map exchanges with buyer assures that are in result even after you obtain your cardRead the well print. Make sure gift cards don’t have any extraneous fees


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