Amazon. It’s one of the best ecommerce websites in existence – a behemoth in nearly every marketplace you deserve to think of, from books to apparel to gadgets. But the platform offers far much more than simply diversity in its range of products. It additionally offers countless different means to make money—some of which you may not even be acquainted with.

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In this article, we’ll discover eight different ways to do a benefit on Amazon.

Note:Many the these methods are currently working for aspiring entrepreneurs choose you. It simply requires consistency and also a little work to check out your first couple of bucks. As soon as you acquire a hold of what’s working and also what isn’t, the gets easier to make money top top Amazon.

1. Sign Up because that Amazon Handmade

Just like Etsy, Amazon Handmade allows artisans market their own handcrafted products online, consisting of clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

To become an Amazon Handmade seller, you require to finish an applications form, which lets you explain the nature of her work and production process.


Handmade is a blessing for pro and also aspiring artist looking to reach Amazon’s big customer base. Those approved even get a tradition URL come go in addition to their Artisan profile, making it simple for your customers to find their shop.

Plus, Amazon won’t fee you noþeles to sign up with the program and also list her products. When you’ll need to develop a skilled Selling account the usually expenses $39.99 a month, also that fee is waived because that Handmade sellers. The only fee you’ll need to pay is a 15% referral dues on your complete sales price.

Apply here:Amazon Handmade

2. End up being an Affiliate

A simple means to do money on Amazon is to end up being an affiliate. If you run a blog, website, or even moderate a community, you already have an audience. Through recommending interesting and also high-quality commodities (found top top Amazon) to her audience, you have the right to earn a referral dues for her efforts.

Depending on the item, you deserve to get almost everywhere from 4 come 10 percent the the product’s price as soon as someone renders a purchase through her affiliate link. Amazon allows you end up being an affiliate for just about anything. If you write detailed reviews about books, because that instance, you can incorporate referral web links for title in the “Books” group on the Amazon marketplace.

You have the right to even incorporate links to commodities that aid enhance the analysis experience, such as slippers and blankets for obtaining cozy.

Here space the three procedures you’ll have to follow in bespeak to come to be an Amazon affiliate:


Once you get approved, girlfriend can choose from countless items to describe your customers. Success, however, will count on your ability tocreate mainly content, and also how lot value you’re giving to your subscribers and also readers.

Apply here:Amazon Associates

3. Try Merch by Amazon

If you’re an excellent at design, friend may be able to generate a decent income by offering T-shirts and other comparable things with Merch through Amazon. The platform permits you to sell your artwork together Amazon products at no expense to you.

Here’s just how to usage it:

Create an account via the Merch by Amazon webpageUpload your architecture and set a priceSelect a color and write a description

Once you’ve done all of that, your shirt will go live on the Amazon marketplace.

A benefit of utilizing Merch through Amazon is that Amazon bring away the duty of packaging, shipping, printing, and also providing assistance to the customer.


As for the income, the company will pay you a aristocracy on every architecture sold. The payout will depend on the product’s cost and also tax and Amazon’s expense for the solutions they provide.

To see present royalties on sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.,visit this resource

Pro Tip:You don’t necessarily need to be a design expert to make money v Merch through Amazon. As lengthy as you’re adhering to pop society trends, friend should have the ability to come up through decent artwork. Style software such asCanvaandPhotoshopwill permit you to produce typography and also design that looks great on a shirt. Additionally, you deserve to follow the ideal practices that Amazon on design size, species of design, and product testing.

Apply here:Merch through Amazon

4. Earn with KDP (Kindle direct Publishing)

Another easy method to make money ~ above Amazon is to publish your own digital publications on the platform.

You can acquire up to 70 percent royalties on the all at once sales. Also, you can print hard duplicates of your books through Amazon’s CreateSpace service.

The only obstacle to making money with Amazon KDP is that you have to publish interesting publications in a big volume. Back it’s possible to earn with a couple of best-sellers, volume is the crucial to success in the posting game.

Moreover, nothing forget to take into consideration the following aspects:

Book coverEnd materialIndependent landing page

You also need to it is in mentally all set to endorse her book, together there’s no publisher or agent at your disposal.

The best method to promote a self-published publication is to offer out free copies. In addition, you have the right to run some Facebook ads to provide exposure come the title. Leaving a link to your book’s Amazon web page at the end of your email can additionally be a smart method to encourage your job-related to others.

Apply here:Amazon Kindle direct Publishing

5. Market Via Amazon FBA

If you want to make money ~ above Amazon without having actually to worry around customer support, packing, and shipping, climate you authorize up forAmazon FBA.

With FBA, you deserve to have Amazon care for your stock and deliver it to her customers. Every you have to do is send your items to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

The advantage of FBA is that customers can not tell the difference in between shopping directly from Amazon and also purchasing from an FBA seller.

What products Should I offer via Amazon FBA?While it’s finest to offer items that you room passionate about, you additionally want to make sure there’s enough need for the products you intend to sell. Use anAmazon keyword research toolto obtain an idea of which assets are high in demand. Also, take keep in mind ofAmazon best SellersandAmazon most Wished Forlists as they can assist you recognize what world want.

As an FBA seller, you are just charged a per-unit fee, which relies on the weight and also size of your item. Yes no fee because that packaging, shipping, or taking care of to ship her items. You have the right to learn much more about the existing FBA fee structurehere.

Other 보다 that, yes a storage fee that requirements to be paid because your commodities are being maintained in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. A monthly dues is fee from sellers who have an list in a fulfillment facility at the month’s end.


You can use thisFBA calculatorto see exactly how much revenue you’ll make via Amazon FBA.

Apply here:Fulfillment through Amazon

6. Finish Tasks on Amazon mechanical Turk

Amazon‘s mechanically Turk regimen works as a gateway for outsourced tasks.

Once you end up being a part of Turk’s military of remote workers, girlfriend can finish tasks favor content validation, content moderation, and survey joining to do money ~ above Amazon.

Essentially, mechanically Turk was the by-product that Amazon’s initiatives to cut down time-consuming tasks into smaller gigs.

Although the routine doesn’t pay lot for perfect tasks, most of them can be done quickly. Also, it provides you the flexibility to job-related at your very own pace. For example, girlfriend may obtain 5 cents for perfect a survey, however if you complete five surveys in a minute, you’ll obtain $15 an hour.

It’s precious mentioning below that mechanically Turk works ideal for U.S. Citizens, together Amazon credits payments straight into their accounts.

For workers exterior the U.S., payments come in the shape of Amazon gift card credits.

Apply here:Amazon mechanical Turk

7. Purchase Offline,Sell ~ above Amazon(Retail Arbitrage)

This an approach involves visiting sleeve stores like Target and Walmart to buy products at a discounted price and also then reselling those products on Amazon for a profit.

Many world who do money top top Amazon with retail arbitrage stop the price of importing commodities from a international country. You’ll see them heading straight into stores and also loading increase on assets they intend to mark up and sell. Together a result, numerous of them invest a many time sifting through deals and also clearance items at their regional stores.

To figure out what you deserve to sell via sleeve arbitrage, the fees charged by Amazon, and rules for details items, think about using theFBA Revenue Calculator. The an app that lets you scan barcodes via your device and provides helpful detail such as the recommended price to charge for things and Amazon fees.

With all the said, sleeve arbitrage isn’t for everyone. The procedure involves a most research, and also you’ll have to drive come retail places to pick up items. If you have actually a car at your disposal and also are an excellent at picking items for cheap, then it could return friend a decent income.

8. Sell a Professional business on Amazon

Did you know that Amazon likewise lets skilled individuals offer their services online?

Whether she a guitar teacher, a mathematics tutor, or a carpenter, Amazon Services have the right to put friend in touch with civilization who need your help.

The regimen charges no monthly subscription, advertising, or startup fees. However, you need to have general Liability insurance with a $1,000,000 (U.S.) cap per occurrence. This information needs come be listed when you register for Amazon Services.

Another essential thing is that company providers must pay a revenue share come Amazon. This counts on the nature the the service and also the final company price. This is what you’ll need to pay for pre-packaged and recurring services:


In a nutshell, this is one of the easiest means to do money on Amazon, listed that you’re may be to pass a company background examine as part of the application. Because that services noted to homeowners, technicians are likewise required to undergo background screening.

Apply here:Amazon Services

9. Produce a exclusive Label Brand

This is just one of the most lucrative opportunities on Amazon.

As a private label seller, girlfriend order a particular item native a manufacturer, placed your logo and also branding on it, and then list it top top the Amazon marketplace.

The benefit of selling products under your very own brand is that you have finish control over your listings, and also you deserve to even use for Amazon Brand it is registered to protect yourself indigenous counterfeiters.

To learn an ext about exclusive labeling, check out our actionabletips to create a personal label brand ~ above Amazon.

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Adopting among the methods over and being continual can open up a generosity revenue stream to pay for an upcoming holidays or even cost-free you native the boundaries of the 9 to 5 cubicle.