Bing Rewards released in 2010 as a means to incentivize the use of the Bing find engine. Sure, it seems a little bit like ice is bribing world to usage their search engine, however loyalty programs are pretty common in various other industries.

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With ice Rewards, members knife credits for searching using Bing, check out new features, and performing other tasks. As lengthy as you"re signed in to her Bing Rewards account, you have the right to earn credits while browsing on any type of device.

Bing has steadily boosted their U.S. Find engine sector share in recent years, climbing native 16.3% at the finish of 2012 to 18.2% in December 2013. By September 2014, searches on ice accounted for 19.4% of all U.S. Searches. It"s a tendency we"ve seen throughout our client accounts at, as well, through modest but steady increases in Bing find volumes.

Is it since of your Bing Rewards loyalty program? It absolutely hasn"t hurt. Yet what room Bing Rewards and also how can you use them? usage this table of components to uncover the details you"re spring for:

Bing Rewards: Features and BenefitsBing Rewards loyalty Levels: Member, silver & gold BenefitsEarning an ext Bing Rewards CreditsRedeeming bing Rewards: What can You gain for using Bing?Bing Rewards FAQs

Bing Rewards: Features and also Benefits

The ice Rewards program permits you to knife credits for looking on Bing, using new Bing features, or trying particular other Microsoft products and services.

Bing Rewards are tracked with a credit counter on your browser (Internet traveler 7 or later, or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari), which shows up in the top right corner of any kind of page you"re visiting.


Alternatively, you have the right to download and install the bing Bar, which has actually a ice cream Rewards button and credit counter. Mobile users can also access Bing Rewards v their default mobile web browser.

Bing Rewards members deserve to earn clues for making use of Bing – consider it a constant flyer program for searchers. It"s a tiered program, so an ext credits are available to upper level members.

Bing Rewards loyalty Levels: Member, silver & yellow Benefits

Bing Rewards offers much more perks come those that reach their greater status member levels.

The first tier is "Member" and is the entry-level for brand-new members. Members get credits for utilizing Bing for your searches and for day-to-day offers.

Once a Member completes the Welcome to Rewards tour, redeems their very first reward and has collected at least 200 credits, they relocate up to silver- level. V the promotion, ice Rewards silver- members get a 50 credit bonus.


The highest Bing Rewards level is Gold, i m sorry members can acquire once they"ve earned 750 lifetime credits and are performing 150 qualifying searches on Bing every month. As soon as a member reaches gold level, they obtain up to 10% off your rewards redemptions.

Earning more Bing Rewards Credits

Bing Rewards offers members various ways to accumulate credits. Making use of Bing for searches on her PC provides you 1 credit transaction for every 2 searches, approximately a maximum of 15 credits per day.

As you finish the obtainable Bing Rewards credit transaction tasks, you"ll watch them checked off in her dashboard and also in the drop-down indigenous your internet browser credit counter:


Other methods to earn:

Invite girlfriend to use Bing Rewards and also earn 100 credits because that each friend who reaches Silver condition (for a preferably of 500 credits).Use Bing because that mobile searches and also earn 1 credit for every 2 searches, as much as a preferably of 10 credits every day.Complete the jobs in her Bing Rewards dashboard. This is wherein Bing articles special offers that are generally worth 1 credit transaction each, in exchange for completing a task. Because that example, as I"m creating this, ice cream is offering 1 credit if you use the MSN Food & Drink App, and another if you check out Bing"s most popular features on a distinct web resource they produced (see above).

Bing also offers distinct rewards incentives and also limited-time promotions. When these room available, you"ll view the announcement on the ice Blog.

Redeeming bing Rewards: What have the right to You acquire for using Bing?

Bing Rewards offers three various ways to redeem her credits: Shop, Donate or Win.

The filtering alternatives for rewards space pretty lot non-existent ideal now. You can select Shop, Donate, or Win, however cannot filter through retailer, price or any kind of other parameter. Currently, over there are only 41 rewards noted in the Shop section, however if the regime grows, filters would absolutely be a vital addition.


Not surprisingly, numerous of the bing Rewards options offered are Microsoft assets or those indigenous their various other brands, consisting of Microsoft store credits, discounts top top Bing and Microsoft apparel, subscriptions to Microsoft OneDrive or premium Microsoft Outlook, skype credit, or Xbox memberships and gift cards.

However, other Bing Rewards currently easily accessible in exchange for credits include:

Points/miles for airline and hotel loyalty programsPrints and also photobooks native ShutterflyGift cards because that Amazon, Applebee"s, burger King, Domino"s Pizza, Groupon, IHOP, iTunes, Sephora, Starbucks and other businesses.

Each item available in the ice Rewards Shop web links to a product page with a description, image and also price in points.


Alongside the price because that Members and Silver users, you"ll check out the lot of credits compelled for Gold customers to redeem the reward.

Using the instance above, at 525 credits, the $5 burger King eGift will certainly take girlfriend 950 searches to earn end 64 work (as you deserve to only acquire 15 credits per day and less indigenous mobile search). Is it worth it?

This is whereby the special provides come right into play. If you"re just using Bing search to earn rewards points, you"re probably not going to see much value in the program. However check in consistently to finish the day-to-day deals and also you"ll accumulate point out a many faster.

Of course, if girlfriend don’t desire the rewards for yourself, Bing motivates members to donate their credits come a worthy cause.

Bing Rewards lets you support the college of your an option through their Bing in the classroom program. Sure, it"s a ploy to get their own assets into the educational system, but don’t let the deter girlfriend – every the technology kids room doing it.

You deserve to donate her Bing Rewards credits in increments that 50, earmarked for a institution of your choice. When that college has built up 30,000 credits, the institution receives a shiny, new Surface 32GB tablet computer with a black form cover.

Like ice cream Rewards itself, this program is only available in the U.S. You deserve to check and also see if your child"s school has actually earned any type of donated credits or tablets by visiting It will take forever to achieve this on your own, however Bing points out on the reward page that 60 parental participating in ice Rewards for simply a month might earn enough for a Surface tablet computer for your school. In one year, castle say, 125 parents participating in ice cream Rewards might earn tablet computers for whole classroom. Once your school has 30,000 credits, Microsoft will send the end the tablet within 60 days.

Currently, there are 5 other choices for ice cream Rewards users who room feeling generous and also want to usage their credits to assist others. The redemption that 100 credits results in a donation of $1 for guys & girl Clubs that America, kids in Need structure or Teach for America. That can additionally get girlfriend a $ Charity influence Card. Redeem 500 of her Bing Rewards credits because that a $5 gift card from the Network because that Good, enabling you come send your donation to any kind of one the 1.2 million charities.

Not feeling altruistic today? That"s alright – you have the right to use your credits in ice Rewards sweepstakes for chances to victory cool prizes, instead.

The an option under the victory tab is pretty slim appropriate now, however watch for new sweepstakes together Bing Rewards are updated.

Currently, there space a total of 8 ice cream Rewards sweepstakes options, yet only four prize packs. Each one has two different points level options; because that example, you can choose to redeem 40 credits (35 because that Gold members) for 10 entries to the Microsoft band sweepstakes, or 20 credits (15 because that Gold members) for 1 entry.

The prizes currently offered are the Microsoft Band, three $500 Nordstrom"s gift cards, 3 Assassin"s Creed Xbox One prize packs, and also a Halo: Spartan strike for windows prize pack.

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Bing Rewards FAQs

Still top top the fence? right here are answers to some typical questions about Bing Rewards:

Are ice cream Rewards worth it?

Bing has made that pretty straightforward to take part in their rewards program, even if it is you"re ~ above a desktop or cell phone device. If you"re utilizing Bing top top a constant basis anyway, it can"t ache to knife credits for it. It will certainly take a hella-long time to get anywhere unless girlfriend take advantage of the credits promotions, therefore watch because that those regularly.

How perform I sign up for Bing Rewards?

You offered to be able to sign in with your on facebook account, however Microsoft and Facebook must have fallen the end of love because that option has been phased out. Ice Rewards users have the right to only use their facebook account come login until February 15, 2015. ~ that, you"ll require a Microsoft account. Navigate over to ice Rewards to acquire started. Remember, it"s only open to U.S. Residents and even then, americans can"t knife or redeem credits when traveling abroad (unless they"re using a proxy server, shhh).

You"ll have to give your phone number so Bing Rewards can verify the account and also VOIP numbers aren"t permitted.

I"m searching yet not earning credits – what"s up with that?

Make girlfriend haven"t by chance signed out. It"s also possible that friend might be over your daily limit because that offers. If you"ve made sure you aren"t utilizing In-Private browsing, you"re signed in and also you haven"t surpassed your quota, call Bing Rewards support for help.

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Who can use bing Rewards?

Anyone who stays in the united States, is 13 or older, and also has a Microsoft account. Each person can have only one account and must administer their real first and last name, complete mailing deal with (PO boxes room not allowed), a functioning phone number and their email address.