You don"t must hit increase the movie theatre to nosh ~ above the best popcorn ever! enjoy buttery goodness at home with this simple step-by-step tutorial. Cuddle in v your family, fire up a movie, and enjoy movie night!

Why does movie theatre popcorn taste better?

There are three points that do movie theatre popcorn delicious: butter, salt, and COCONUT OIL.

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gambling you didn’t expect that last one! many movie theaters chef their popcorn in a coconut oil blend, which add to an exciting depth and also sweetness come the popcorn. You’d never ever say “Hey, this popcorn tastes favor coconut!” however you’d absolutely say “Hey, this popcorn doesn’t taste right!” there is no it.

What do I have to make movie theatre popcorn?

For a huge batch that popcorn (enough to meet 2-4 movie snackers), you’ll need:

1/2 cup (1 stick) the butter—Salted or unsalted, either works.

What is the ideal oil because that popcorn?

Coconut oil is the an extremely best oil to usage for popping popcorn. You’re trying to find virgin (AKA: unrefined) coconut oil. The what provides popcorn taste prefer the ingredient from the movies. Polished coconut oil will job-related from a an approach perspective, but it won’t offer quite the exact same movie theatre taste.

It sounds complicated, however clarifying butter is actually a breeze in the microwave, and it clears enough that the water to leave you through buttery, perfectly crunchy popcorn. Here’s exactly how you execute it:

Put rod of butter in a glass measuring cup. You’ll have to use the spout later.Microwave ~ above high because that 30-40 seconds, or until the butter is all melted and also foamy.Let the butter cool because that 1-2 minutes. You should start to see the butter separating into three layers—foam, clarified butter, and also milk solids. Don’t concern if the layers aren’t super clear. We’re not looking for perfection here, just to eliminate enough water to save our popcorn crunchy.Take a spoon and skim off as lot of the foam on optimal as girlfriend can. Again, no must be perfect.You’ll be left through a really clear, really yellow class of clarified butter, through a layer of milk solids underneath.When it’s time to dress your popcorn, pour the clear, yellow clarified butter top top the popcorn, leaving the milk solids behind.

You can likewise do this procedure with a pan top top the stovetop if friend don’t have a microwave. Just warm the butter until foamy, and also then follow procedures 3-6 above.

Can’t I simply use ghee rather of clarifying the butter?

You sure can! Ghee is shelf-stable clarified butter that is perfect because that melting and also drizzling on popcorn. Saves a step!

Now that you’ve selected your pot, here’s the an approach you’re going to follow for making her popcorn:

Put your pot ~ above high warmth and include in the coconut oil.Once the oil is fully melted, add in your popcorn kernels.Swirl the pot around so that each and every kernel it s okay a nice small coating the coconut oil, and is much more or less in a single layer.Every now and also again, provide the pan a great shake to mix up the kernels and also keep them indigenous burning.After your very first kernel pops, put on the lid the the pot, contempt ajar to release steam, because if you don’t you’ll have actually popcorn flying everywhere your kitchen.While the popcorn is popping, store shaking the pot frequently to protect against burning. In ~ a few minutes, you’ll hear the popping sluggish down. Rotate off the burner and also just let it sit because that a couple of minutes.

I have popcorn and also clarified butter. Currently what?

Now, grab her measuring cup of butter and start to slowly stream it onto the popcorn. At an initial you’ll watch nothing yet clear, glowing yellow clarified butter.

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But as you obtain to the end of the clarified part, you’ll begin to view that 3rd opaque, white layer—the milk solids. Avoid right then! We simply want the clarified butter on ours popcorn—not the milk solids.