There space the ghoul-filled holiday"s ghost stories, black cats and also haunted houses. Yet what around free-standing brooms?

Do a fast search top top the web or hear to broadcast media reports and you"ll hear around "researchers and scientists" who room saying that a broom deserve to stand ~ above its own because of things favor the moon"s gravitational pull, the equinox or the method the planets have actually aligned.

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But Joe Ross, a professor the astronomy and also physics at Texas A&M University, said it"s easy to explain why a broom can stand top top its bristles unassisted, and also it has nothing to perform with the planets or something -- or anyone -- beyond the planets.

"One thing I have the right to say with certainty, the pull of the moon has nothing to execute with this phenomenon," said Ross.

If the moon"s traction was enough to cancel the force of gravity and make brooms spontaneously stand up, Ross said, castle would also be able come float.

There is a small reduction in gravitational pressure when the moon is straight overhead, he said, however it isn"t enough to change the behavior of a broom. Nor is the free-standing broom concerned the alignment of the sun, such together the equinox, the two times the the year as soon as the sun crosses the equator and also day and night are around equal in length.

The broom have the right to stand through itself, that said, because the center of heaviness is directly above the leaf on which that balances. And also the bristles room soft sufficient to spread out out a little bit at the contact point with the floor and provide a stable base to assistance the take care of and enable the broom come balance.

Ross said the idea that gravitational force plays a duty may be so widespread because it sounds more exciting 보다 the real explanation.

The alters in gravitational pressure as the earth moves loved one to the sun and moon deserve to be measure up at around one-million times the mean gravitational force, the said.

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"I doubt that there may be part misconceptions come the effect that gravity becomes remarkable "tilted" as the Earth and also moon move, however that effect is for this reason minute regarding be nonexistent," he said.




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