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If you"re having actually a tough time analysis the message on your iPhone, here"s just how to do the text on your display screen larger in just a few simple steps.

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There are two various ways of an altering text dimension on an iOS device— through screen settings and also then v Accessibility. We indicate trying the Display an approach first.


If the font tho isn"t large enough, you deserve to increase that a bit more. A same word the warning, despite — do the message too big may make it complicated to navigate apps properly.


Open SettingsTap AccessibilityTap Display & text SizeTap Larger TextDrag the slider to choose font sizeIf needed: Toggle top top Larger accessibility Sizes which gives you a couple of additional size to choose from

Important: This will certainly only impact apps that support Dynamic Type. Every one of Apple"s default apps support Dynamic Type, though countless third-party apps do not.

Of course, there space ways about that, too. Apple has a comfortable zoom feature that enables users to magnify the screen with a few simple gestures.


Tip: because that ease that use, we likewise suggest toggling on smart Typing, which will stop your iphone from zooming in ~ above the on-screen keyboard, which have the right to make typing difficult.

Three-finger tap to zoom in or outDrag with three fingers to navigate while zoomed inDouble tap with 3 fingers and also immediately drag them up or down the display screen to adjust zoom level

Using the zoom function takes a tiny getting supplied to, however it is especially handy because that apps that don"t assistance Dynamic kind and enables users to obtain a far better look at tiny user interface elements in apps.


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Best transaction Oct. 30: $200 off Canon EOS R, $389 DJI drone, 32-inch 4K monitor because that $375, more!

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Apple currently calls chin a gaming firm fighting with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo

In an earnings filing, Apple has actually made clear that it believes the it is locked in combat with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, highlighting how essential it see gaming on its platforms.