Does peppermint oil really work? deserve to it be used as an efficient natural mouse repellent? The prize is YES. It yes, really does work, but it needs to be offered correctly.

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We display you how to acquire results using this time-tested natural method to save mice the end of our homes and also gardens.

Make your very own peppermint necessary oil


Fresh PeppermintLight basic oil (Grape seed or Almond Oil functions well)Mortar & PestleJar through LidCheese fabric or an additional strainerSmall dark bottle to keep the oil (or spray party if you are making the peppermint spray)


Collect peppermint. The finest time come harvest herbs to record their necessary oils is in the morning as soon as the oil is at its strongest.Rinse with cold water & play dry.Place the mint in the mortar & pestle and also gently bruise the pipeline to relax the oils. Heat the oil slightly in a saucepan.Add the oil to fully cover the leaves.Use a spoon come mix well and also ensure the oil is equally spread out throughout the leaves.Seal the jar & enable it to sit because that 1 month.Slowly pour the oil with the cheesecloth into the storage bottle. The cheesecloth is offered to strain out the leaves. Squeeze any excess oil into the bottle. A coffee filter can additionally work because that straining if needed.

Note: If you perform not want to wait a full month to use the oil, you can use numerous batches of mint to boost the flavor faster. In this case, allow the an initial batch come sit for 1-2 days. Eliminate the old mint pipeline & replace with freshly bruised leaves. Repeat this procedure three or an ext times and also your mint infused oil can be prepared in under a week.

Why Do civilization Say using Peppermint Oil is a Myth?

The debate on whether peppermint oil really functions to defeat mice has actually been walk on for years. The reason most people say it no work commonly comes under to one of the adhering to reasons:

Not using Pure Peppermint crucial Oils or diluting it come a weaker strength.Not using sufficient oil or no refreshing the oil every couple of weeks to keep the odor strong.Expecting that to work like magic – a small dab & poof every the mice room gone.

Tossing a few peppermint leaves where mice prefer to swarm won’t work. They might not love it, however it’s not a strong enough deterrent to do them leaving an otherwise comfy home. The tree are additionally not virtually as strong as the oil. But, if provided a choice of 2 dwellings – the mice will make their nest in one area the is not overrun with mint.

The same holds true for making use of the oil. If your residence is currently overrun through mice, friend will need to trap castle or call a pest control agency to get rid of the infestation.

Once the mice room gone but & the area has been thoroughly sanitized, this is the time to usage the noodle balls or peppermint oil spray. The oil will help to overpower the pheromone trail mice favor to leaving behind and it will DETER them indigenous returning.

Can Mint Be supplied to keep Mice the end Of my RV?

Yes, this is a very popular usage of peppermint oil. A parked automobile that doesn’t gain used very often is a common nesting place for mice. Mice also love to wait out the winter month in the warmth of one RV. Even much better when there may be a few crumbs top top the floor.

Peppermint oil spray deserve to be used approximately the wheel wells and other entry points to save mice from coming inside. It deserve to be sprayed within the vehicle as well, therefore if castle do get inside, castle won’t desire to stay.

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The pre-made spray – Rodent Defense works well for this time of applications to keep mice out RVs and parked cars.