Puerto Rican Rice and also Beans room thick, creamy and flavorful! The soft pinto beans space simmered v potatoes and ham in a sofrito and also tomato based sauce, then served over rice. The a Puerto Rican staple, also known as Habichuelas Guisadas or stewed beans.

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My favorite kind to use is Basmati rice because of how fluffy it gets. You have the right to use nice much any type of white rice such as jasmine rice or long grain rice. You can also use brown rice or red rice if you prefer.

I favor fluffy rice together it can finest soak up the sauce. For this reason comforting and delicious!

Careful with the Salt

Don’t include any salt until the stewed bean are totally cooked.

Sofrito, chicken stock and also some the the seasonings have salt in castle ready, and also it’s simple to overdo it if you salt her dish also early. Taste and adjust accordingly.

How to store Puerto Rican Rice and also Beans

This recipe is good for leftovers. You have the right to store lock in an airtight container in the refrigerator because that 4 days. Or you have the right to freeze lock for later quickie meals.

The sauce will be soaked up by potatoes so you might need to add extra chicken stock or water once reheating in the pan.

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Habichuelas Guisadas

This food goes by numerous names. As well as Habichuelas Guisadas and also Puerto Rican Rice Beans, it’s additionally called Arroz Con Habichuelas and also Stewed Beans.