Build Your very own Silencer – Part1

Don’t look at me favor that. Yes, it’s perfectly legal to build your very own suppressor. Adhering to the same procedure as you would certainly to do a registered and also legal quick barreled rifle (SBR) or brief barreled shotgun (SBS), friend can build a machine that will certainly make her favorite total quieter, have actually some fun and even learn a couple of things along the way. Still through me? Great. Let’s obtain started.

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ALERT: new Series for 2020 – construct Your Own kind 1 Suppressor

SILENCER SATURDAY #121: develop Your Own form 1 Suppressor – part 1

Part 1:

IntroductionMaker vs ManufacturerDisclaimersLegal RequirementsBasicsMaterialsBasic ToolsHomework


Types/DesignsCalibersATF type 5320.1 (Form 1)Paper vs EFileResourcesPart SuppliersWhile you WaitHomework

Part 3:

ApprovalBuilding/MachiningWorking with MetalBore Diameter and ConcentricityBaffle Clipping/Mouse HolesMounting/TestingCoating/PaintingFinal Thoughts

1.1 build Your very own – Introduction

Commercial suppressor manufacturers have actually been conjuring up some awesome assets in the last couple of years. Modern designs, materials and also manufacturing processes have provided buyers enough market variety to suppress practically any pistol in your safe.

So why would certainly you want to develop your own silencer? because that the many part, homemade suppressors can be produced a fraction of the price of your commercial cousins. Because that example, my combination titanium, steel and aluminum 9mm suppressor cost about $150 (not consisting of a booster). And my complete titanium 5.56mm build cost about $350.

In addition, you can use your selection of materials, specific dimensions and also custom design to construct a deserve to that matches your demands precisely. It’s likewise just great clean fun: by building your owner suppressor you gain a much better understanding behind the engineering that goes into the commodities made by the big companies. Suppressing firearms is both a science and also an art. Ok, it’s greatly science.

If you are not a suppressor owner yet, I extremely suggest that your first (and probably second) acquisition come native a commercial manufacturer quite than attempting to make one on her own. Even if you room an professional machinist, I believe your very first venture into the human being of silencers must be save bought. Why? since if miscellaneous doesn’t revolve out appropriate – that loud, or it no thread top top properly, or it’s super heavy – you threat being soured top top suppressors forever. And also nobody wants that. In addition, advertisement offerings space backed through a warranty; if other is out of spec, simply send that to earlier and gain it fixed.

Hopefully you had the possibility to check out through the ‘Beginner’s guide to Suppressors’ collection here at TFB. If not, I suggest that friend at least read through part 1 the covers some simple information consisting of the National guns Act (NFA) legality in her area, suppressor terminology and host (gun) basics. Most of that starter info will not be repeated right here in the ‘build your own’ series.


Titanium parts.

1.2 construct Your very own – machine vs Manufacturer

As an separation, personal, instance or entity (Trust or LLC) suppressor builder (also recognized as ‘Form 1’ builders), girlfriend are recognized as a ‘Maker’. If on the other hand, the office of Alcohol Tobacco and also Firearms (BATFE) classifies Federal firearms Licensee/Special work Tax holders (FFL/SOTs) as ‘Manufacturers’. Conversely, manufacturers room in company to design, build, test and sell NFA items favor suppressors, devices are approved to construct suppressors because that non-commercial (or resale) use only.

What this method for you:

As a maker, you are not allowed to develop a suppressor because that sale. That doesn’t typical that girlfriend can’t offer a suppressor you develop down the road (you won’t), but the will is the you are building one simply for an individual (or entity) usage only.Manufacturers are allowed to use for BATFE variances to details rules and regulations in the design and build process. Because that example, a suppressor firm can petition the BATFE for a variance because that a design that pushes the legal boundaries that specify silencers – extra parts, modularity, etc. Makers, on the other hand, should follow every BATFE rules and also regulations as written.Manufacturers are enabled to fix damaged or worn suppressors with specific restrictions. Makers are not enabled to repair suppressors, also one’s they built themselves. Over there is some dispute on this front, but we will tackle that discussion in part 3.

A freshly drilled titanium baffle I created a 5.56mm kind 1 suppressor.

1.3 construct Your very own Silencer – Disclaimers

I understand we space all responsible, levelheaded and lawful firearm owners, but because we will certainly be venturing right into the highly niche area of structure a suppressor lawfully, below are a few words of caution:

I am no a machinist, grasp craftsman, CNC operator or blacksmith. This guide is meant for the amateur hobbyist with a simple knowledge the tools and metalworking. Understand your an abilities and restrictions in the shop.I am no an attorney. And this overview isn’t expected to it is in legal advice. As soon as in doubt, perform your own research and contact the BATFE because that clarification.You space responsible for complying with all safety and security precautions. This applies to when you take care of firearms and also the tools in your garage. And don’t forget the ear and also eye protection.

1.4 develop Your very own Silencer – legal Requirements

As discussed in the Beginner’s Guide, examine the local, state and also federal legislations before starting down the course towards a homemade suppressor.

We discussed the BATFE type 1 above, and we are going to walk into more detail in this component as well together the complying with parts. To placed it simply: You need an approved type 1 prior to you have the right to start structure your suppressor. Perform not attempt to an equipment parts, drill holes or otherwise carry out anything that would be interpreted as structure an unregistered suppressor.

That being said, you can purchase the parts essential to build you silencer while girlfriend wait for your type 1 to it is in approved. After ~ all, the bulk of these components are commercially obtainable at steel supply sources, auto components stores, hardware stores or directly from a an equipment shop.

The vital here is intent and also common sense. Buying metal tubes is one thing; developing baffle cones and drilling bore holes is something fully different. Because that the most part, if her parts can be threaded onto a barrel and also can suppress the sound of a fired shot, that a silencer and needs one approved form 1. When in doubt, wait because that your kind 1 come come back approved from the BATFE.

For your own good, and also the betterment that shooters, collectors, hobbyists and builders everywhere, perform not effort to press the boundaries of the law, no matter exactly how slight.

I am not trying to do anyone nervous, however a healthy amount of caution is ok when structure NFA regulation items.

On the plus side, girlfriend don’t need to have your entire develop planned out before filing your type 1. Besides your individual or reality information, the BATFE only demands the caliber of her silencer and also it’s overall length. A straightforward design or map out is no required, but could assist keep your type out that “Pending Research” – a duration of time after the submission of your type 1 where the BATFE reviews the details of your proposed build and decides even if it is or not they need more information before processing and also approval.

Don’t worry, we space going to overview you the entire form 1 procedure in part 2.


Before: my 1.5″ titanium tube with baffles created from stole freeze plugs and an aluminum end cap. This is a short freeze plug develop for a 9mm pistol.


After: my 1.5″ titanium tube with baffles created from steel freeze plugs and an aluminum end cap. This is a quick freeze plug construct for a 9mm pistol.

1.5 construct Your own Silencer – Basics

Similar to as soon as buying a commercial suppressor, transparent the build process it is very important to save your needs, wants and expectations in mind. It is in realistic with your goals and also your budget. Below are a couple of things come watch out for:

Costs: particularly when it concerns rimfire projects, it is straightforward to get close to the price that a well-built advertising can.Weight: There have the right to be a tendency to overbuild her suppressor out of an abundance of caution. Just keep in mind the all those products on the finish of her barrel will include up fast.Length: comparable to weight, many home builders can attempt to do a silencer too lengthy in the hopes of a additional reduction in noise. Stick to ‘normal’ sizes and also lengths this time.Baffles/Monocore: There will be a temptation come get creative with her silencer’s internals. Remember, due to the fact that you space a machine and not a manufacturer, you room not permitted to prototype and test various designs along the way. Because that your very first build, continue to be with a proven, easy to do design.

1.6 Materials


Titanium scrap ns picked increase from eBay. After ~ approval every one of this turns into a 7″ x 2″ OD direct-thread 5.56 suppressor.

Here’s whereby we start obtaining down to organization – picking the end the materials you have to start your build. But prior to we get down come actual parts and suppliers, lets talk about the steels that have the right to be provided to develop suppressors.

Aluminum: A lightweight steel that is straightforward to machine, aluminum is frequently only offered on rimfire builds or part pistol builds v caution.Stainless Steel: solid but heavy, stainless steel deserve to be offered on practically any type of host. Since of the weight limitations, stainless stole builds top top the end of lengthy rifle barrels need to be avoided.Titanium: similar in weight to aluminum however with similar strength come steel, titanium is wonderful choice because that suppressor building. The downsides below are price (about 5 times the price of equivalent steel) and machinability – low drilling speeds, cutting oil and also temperature management.Carbon fiber and also plastics builds space (somewhat) feasible but must be considered progressed builds and also outside the bounds of this guide.

It is necessary to note that these materials deserve to be supplied in combination with each other. Because that example, because that a pistol suppressor you can use a titanium tube v steel or stainless stole baffles.


Proper plan is key. You don’t need to be a mechanical engineer, but an easy sketches go a lengthy way.

Writers Note: Ok, this is something ns neglected to point out in the beginner’s guide. The tube (where the manufacturer/makers sculpture is commonly located) that the silencer is considered to be irreplaceable. Definition that in the extremely unlikely occasion of a catastrophic failure, the tube cannot it is in replaced, even by a licensed manufacturer. The tube have the right to be reduce to impact a repair, but it cannot be lengthened or totally replaced (without paying one more $200 deliver tax and also waiting because that a type 4 to get approved).

Knowing this fact, together a maker, my tip is to use the finest material, suitable thickness and machining possible. This construct needs to last a lifetime (or more). However, if damaged, end-caps, adapters and also internals have the right to all be changed by a licensed manufacturer. All without having to pay another $200.

In fact, save this in the ago of your mind: If you somehow manage to make the worst silencer ever developed (it actually renders your total louder) you have the right to send it turn off to among a couple of different manufacturers who will certainly re-core (gut and replace) her silencers baffles and caps without having actually to pay one more $200 tax and wait 6 months for approval.

1.7 simple Tools


An finish mill ns picked up from Amazon for around $20. Continual drill bits will work, however an end mill will certainly last longer, particularly when cutting titanium.

I am no going to indicate that anyone requirements to run out and buy a lathe or that you need to have actually a garage complete of the ideal tools money deserve to buy. However, girlfriend do require some simple equipment to develop your own suppressor.

Drill: A good rechargeable or plugin drill is a must. A drill push is better.Drill bits: get a new set the bits that are suitable for metalwork.Hacksaw: for trimming spacer material. A Dremel will likewise workFiles: Round, flat and triangular for clipping baffles and also evening out spacers. Grinders and a belt sander room nice come have.Heavy duty vice: I’ll be honest, if you are creating your very own baffle cones, a hydraulic shop push really is preferred. But with the appropriate shop vice, it deserve to be done. Plans for structure your very own press out of 2×4’s and also using the hydraulic jack indigenous your car can be found here.Sandpaper: Smoothing and also polishing.Cutting oil: because that drilling an cutting titanium.

I’m drilling a boring in a titanium baffle using an end mill and dark cutting oil.

1.8 build Your very own Silencer- Homework

We are going to begin the next component off by talking about silencer style basics, caliber ratings and also submitting your BATFE kind 1.

First, decision the host that your job will eventually live on and make sure it’s suitable to it is in suppressed.

Second, take part time to carry out a small research on your own. Googling ‘suppressor baffles’ will give you thousands of photos to watch through.

Hint: because that your an initial build, you’ll be buying a pre-made tube, a threaded barrel adapter, finish cap and also baffle products like freeze plugs or Valve Stem Retainers (VSR).

Lastly, download and familiarize yourself v the info needed for the BATFE type 1. We’ll be filling that the end in component 2.


Baffle – The cone-like sections within the suppressor that job-related to slow and also cool gasses.Baffle Stack – every one of a suppressor’s baffles together acting together one sound-reducing system.Baffle Strike – once a bullet loss a silencer’s baffle.Blowback – Gases that would have normally exited the muzzle are redirect ago through the barrel in the direction of the shooter.Booster or Nielsen Device – one inertia maker that uses the pressure of the trapped gases in the silencer to cycle the activity of a semiautomatic pistol.Bore Hole – The feet in the baffles and end cap whereby the cartridge passes through.Clipping – Openings encompassing component of the bore hole in baffles to aid in the creation of turbulence and increasing suppression. (also view ‘mouse holes’)Concentric – The procedure of ensuring the the whole suppressor is centered around the boreline of the barrel and barrel threading.Direct Thread – A form of suppressor that mounts directly on to a barrel there is no the need for a mountain or adapter.End Cap – The muzzle end of the silencer.End cap Strike – once a bullet damages a silencer’s finish cap.Engraving – The maker, design number, device location, caliber and also serial number engraved ~ above the main component of a suppressor as required by law.Freeze Plug: Normally discovered in auto components stores, theses inexpensive steel cups space made come be supplied in auto engine blocks. They additionally can it is in drilled an pressed into form 1 suppressor baffles.Inner Diameter (ID) – The within diameter the a suppressor tube.Markings –The maker, version number, maker location, caliber and serial number engraved ~ above the main component of a suppressor as required by law. (see engraving)Monocore – A form of one-piece baffle structure found inside some types of suppressors.Mount – The component of the suppressor that attached to the barrel of your gun.Mouse Holes – Semi-Circle holes encompassing part of the bore hole in baffles to help in the development of turbulence and increasing suppression. (also watch ‘clipping’)Outer Diameter (OD) – The external diameter that a suppressor tube.Over-The-Barrel – A form of silencer that uses proprietary mounts that starts before the muzzle the the barrel to boost a silencer’s volume.Spacer – The a section of steel that slips right into your tube to create an are between baffles.Thread pitch – A selection of various thread patterns on the muzzle that a barrel that room usually certain to a caliber.Tube – The body of the silencer.Valve Stem Retainers (VSR) – made of steel or titanium these stepped-cones room made to maintain valve trunk in auto engines. They additionally make good baffles in kind 1 suppressors.

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Volume – The amount of space inside a silencer the is available for gases to be trapped, slowed and cooled.