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When it pertains to aging together a woman, it transforms out the menopause no really stop anything. 

Say hello to warm flashes, chills, night sweats, and, worst the all, thin skin. 

You’re more than likely thinking: girlfriend have gained to it is in kidding me. 

Unfortunately, we room not kidding. Yet we acquire it—on a sweaty, sleepless, visceral level. Females go through method too much in their resides to then have to attend to fragile, crepey skin. 

But chin up! No issue your age or skin thickness, this guide is here to aid you recognize thinning skin. Review on to find out what reasons thin skin and also how to treat the to help promote skin health. 

What is slim Skin?

Does her skin tear or bruise easily, also with the slightest bang or scratch? have the right to you see your veins, or also your bonds and tendons, right through your sensitive skin? 

Then you most likely have actually thin skin. Yet that’s ok! Fortunately, there are various means you can strengthen and also protect her skin, also as you age.

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A keep in mind on Crepey Skin

Thin skin is slightly various from crepey skin, which is wrinkly and also hangs loose in bunches about the face and also knees. For more information on what reasons this condition and also how to treat it, check out our blog post on crepey skin. 

Okay, currently onto the an excellent stuff.

Skin Layers

Each of your skin’s layers serves a different function in protecting your body and helping it function. To understand what reasons thin skin and also how to treat it, you very first have to grasp your best organ"s within workings.

Here’s the breakdown: 

Epidermis (top layer)
– The epidermis guards you versus nasty intruders choose viruses, bacteria, and dirt, while additionally maintaining your skin’s moisture and also pigment1. Dermis (middle layer) – This center layer is created of hair follicles, sweat glands, nerves, tissue, and blood supply. Hypodermis (bottom layer) – This layer consists of all the underlying fat and also tissue that keeps her skin beautiful and even, acting as a cushion when the top layers execute all the hard work. 

Thin skin occurs as soon as your skin’s 3 layers go through the complying with changes:

The capillaries near the epidermis become much more fragile, bring about bruising. This layer additionally becomes more dry and also transparent as skin loser pigment, and also the cells in this area begin shrinking2. The elastic fibers and also collagen in the dermis weaken and also attenuate as result of sun damage.The fat in the hypodermis thins, flattens and also becomes uneven.

What causes Skin to end up being Thin and also Tear Easily?

It’s never ever too late to begin taking great care that your biggest organ. Come learn how to mitigate thin skin, you very first have to understand why it happens. 

Here are the main causes of thin, breakable skin:

– if your genes play a small duty in her skin’s natural elasticity and also thickness, great skincare and healthy practices aid put you on an even playing field with winners the the hereditary skin lottery.Sun Exposure – regular exposure come UV irradiate from the sun gradually degrades the collagen and elastin in your skin. Both play a pivotal function in your skin’s healing ability, elasticity, and also thickness. Smoking and Pollution – Damaging toxins and smoke pains not only your lungs, but likewise your skin. They expose your skin to totally free radicals, which attack elastin fibers, bring about loose, thin skin. Menopause – Menopause and perimenopause an outcome in lower estrogen production2, i beg your pardon contributes to thinner, aged-looking skin.Medication – while topical corticosteroids are valuable for to reduce inflammation and asthma, permanent use deserve to weaken blood vessels under the skin3, leading to skin the tears and also bruises easily. Aspirin, antibiotics, and also anticoagulants can likewise lead to simple bruising2. Consult her physician prior to switching or discontinuing medications.

In a nutshell, thin skin is led to primarily by damage to elastin and also collagen reduction through aging and also sun damage. The good news is both contents can be repaired through conscientious effort and the appropriate products. 

What Vitamin room You doing not have When girlfriend Bruise Easily?

If you’re specifically concerned with fast bruising on her skin, particularly if that takes longer to heal, are afraid not—your culprit can just be a vitamin deficiency. 


Vitamin C has presented to impact collagen production, and a absence thereof could reason easy bruising with much longer healing times. Taking a Vitamin C supplement may help keep her body indigenous bruising. A topical serum with arnica and energetic peptides have the right to also assist in helping bruises heal. 

How come Treat thin Skin

There are two key ways to tackle her paper-thin predicament:

Prevention and protection. 

While treatment for slim skin through prevention is ideal, you should never offer up on your skin if it’s currently thin or weak. All hope is not lost—it just could take a bit an ext effort to turning back the damage. 

#1: just how to protect against Skin from coming to be Thinner

Whether she protecting your skin or trying to prevent more damage, right here are the primary ways you can slow down age-related skin symptoms, preserve your youthful glow, and also promote healthy and balanced skin:

Cover Up
– even if it is you’re chic or casual, covering up is always in style—sport lengthy pants, lengthy sleeves, and also a wide-brimmed hat for good measure. Stay gloves when driving and dual up your layers as soon as working outside.

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Enjoy the Shade – try to coordinate your schedule so you’re safety the hottest hours of the day indoors or in the shade.Eat Healthy – A nutrient-dense diet through plenty that vitamins and minerals can do wonders for her skin thickness and also elasticity—plus, the remainder of your body i will not ~ mind either.