4 Easy ways to do Sparkling Water Taste Better

Sparkling water is a refresh soda alternative for world who space trying to drink fewer soft drinks. Although over there are many brands with a selection of flavors, it’s super basic to spruce up plain or flavored seltzer water at home. And also yes, you can make flavored seltzer even far better by including additional ingredients.

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Sparkling water is a refresh beverage during the hot summer months.

Sparkling water recipes enable you come treat yourself to something refreshing and sweet, while also keeping girlfriend healthy. By adding natural flavors and also nutrients, you can craft drink that will certainly make your taste sprout water, literally.

Here are a couple of ways come make some tasty drinks making use of seltzer:

Fresh fruit and also Herbs

This is our favorite and the healthiest way to spruce up your sparkling water. It may sound odd, yet fruit and herbs are the perfect means to enhance your drink. A few of our favourite combinations encompass strawberries, mint or citrus, and rosemary. Girlfriend can likewise leave the herbs the end and add a bunch of berries to your glass of sparkling water.

Berries and also fruit have the right to enhance her sparkling water with vitamins and also other organic flavors.


It’s vital to clock your portion sizes for utilizing juice. There is a most sugar and also calories current in juice, as a 12-ounce container that juice contains around 165 calorie which may be an ext than girlfriend think. There’s nothing wrong with juice, however, the extra calories and also sugar may make it difficult for dieters to shed weight. To start out try a 1 come 3 proportion of juice to sparkling water.


Lemonade generally has a higher amount of added sugar than most beverages. Again, it’s vital to mix in ~ a 3 come 1 proportion to begin out to cut down on sugar and calorie intake. We bet you’d love lemonade v a little bit of carbonation included to it. This is a tasty beverage!

Fruit-infused sparkling water is a an excellent alternative to sodas and sugary beverages.

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Most human being opt because that sodas and also juice to mix alcohol with. However, us bet girlfriend didn’t think to include a couple of drops the alcohol to your sparkling water. Our favourite recipe is a spicy margarita using sparkling water. Mix a little bit of seltzer through tequila, lime, orange juice, and chile liqueur because that a summer splash drink. It’s the perfect way to cool turn off by the swimming pool as the temperatures start to increase in the Phoenix area.