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This caramel crunch frappuccino is a refreshing sweet treat for an afternoon pick-me-up or whenever friend crave an icy coffeehouse beverage indigenous home.

Enjoy a mix of buttery caramel flavor, hints of vanilla, coffee, and milk. Top it off through whipped cream and also a sweet crunch to make it even much more irresistible. Not just does this drink taste amazing, but it looks exceptional too!

See just how you have the right to easily become your own barista and also skip a pilgrimage through the drive-thru.

Copycat Caramel Crunch Frappuccino in ~ Home!

A regular caramel frappuccino is just fine, however sometimes I desire that extra crunch! My neighborhood Starbucks usually has fun toppings or add-ins that are difficult to replicate in ~ home. I identified a good chip substitute v the java chip frappé, so currently lets obtain that crunch going!

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappé Ingredients

Here’s what you need to make this drink. Dimensions are in the cooking recipes card.

IceCoffeeMilkCaramel ice cream sauceWhipped toppingWhite sugarWater

How to make the caramel crunch frappé

For the crunch, include parchment document to a baking sheet and set aside.

Add the sugar and also water come a saucepan and also heat over medium-high heat.

Stir constantly till the sugar is dissolved and also a dark amber color.

Watch the mixture carefully as it’s simple to burn it.

Gently pour the mixture onto your ready baking sheet.

Set aside to harden. When it’s hard, break it apart. I did this by choose up the piece and also dropping it ago onto the pan.

Place the pieces into a resealable sandwich bag and crush castle into also smaller pieces v a rolling pin.

Sprinkle on peak of your drinks.

For the drink, add ice, cold coffee, milk, and caramel sauce to a blender and also blend well.

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Pour right into two glasses and also top with whipped cream and also caramel crunch.

Serve immediately.

Caramel Crunch recipe Notes and FAQ

share up top top the crunch topping.

If you desire to do a larger batch of the crunch topping, feel cost-free to carry out so. That will assist shave turn off a little time if you want to do this drink more often. Save it in one airtight container and keep in ~ room temperature.

watch the sugar mixture when heating.

It’s important to continually stir and watch the street mixture when heating. Don’t action away from it in ~ all. As you deserve to see, this crunch we have here is also a tiny burnt! It became okay, however you deserve to see exactly how easy the is to burn through a couple of seconds that overheating.

have the right to I use something else because that the topping?

If you don’t want to mess through heating the sugar, I get it! you can try toffee bits or caramel chips to provide you a little of crunch without the fuss. Another idea (that ns haven’t tried yet) would certainly be to crush up part butterscotch difficult candies and also sprinkle that on top!