We’re not below to disparage Taco Bell. Heavens knows it filled our bellies many, plenty of times over the food of our lives. Though our palettes have matured native those fast-food days, the ide of this certain taco has actually us excited to do one in our own kitchen…all indigenous scratch. Let’s have actually some fun!

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How To make Homemade Cheesy Gordita Crunch

To important up the video game (in a huge way) because that this soft, crunchy, and also cheesy taco, we’re going to must make nearly every component from scratch.

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It’s not tough to do, honestly, it just takes a small time.

And, wow…are the outcomes truly astounding.


The ingredients You will Need

Here’s what you’ll must make the many epic Homemade Cheesy Gordita Crunch:

Extra-Thick Homemade Corn TortillasHomemade Cheese Sauce (with Pickled Jalapenos / Optional)Crunchy Corn Taco Shells (Preferably deep-fried in ~ home)Restaurant-Quality Beef Taco Meat FillingHomemade Ranch Dressing, Spiced UpShredded Iceberg LettuceShredded Cheddar CheeseHomemade “Taco Bell-Style” Taco Sauce

That’s doable? Right? Yes!


Building the ultimate Gordita

One that the most aspects of ours homemade gordita is the external tortilla. Taco Bell describes it as a flatbread.

In Mexico, an authentic gordita is a thick tortilla make from masa, and also then easily fried, and then stuffed, usually v some kind of meat mixture.

Masa harina is a quick way of do corn tortillas. See us make them in the video!

A quick, yet deeply delicious, cheese sauce mixed with chopped pickled jalapeños acts together the ‘glue’ that will hold together the soft tortilla through the crunchy taco.


Replicating the Taco Bell taco sauce took quite a bit of experimenting, yet we finally got it right.

And to trust us, this sauce is the genuine deal.

EXPERT TIP: Our variation is mild, if you desire spicier, increase the amount of cayenne pepper and hot sauce. For medium spice, twin the amount. Because that extra hot, triple it.


When To offer Homemade Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Half the fun of offer these remarkable tacos is putting them together.

We love to place all of the ingredients out buffet style, and let guests construct their very own gordita.

Your guests will be blown away at just how delicious this are.

Wow. Simply wow.


We love taking iconic food items, and also making lock better…way better.

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Which reminds us: walk you view our Homemade huge Mac? Oh, you must examine it out.

In the meantime, aren’t you excited to make this masterpiece? and also then eat it!