Taco Bell Cheesy Fiesta potatoes to be a lot loved food selection item the was newly discontinued native the Taco Bell menu. You can enjoy this crispy potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream in no time in ~ all once you do them fresh at home.


Picking the right Potato

It all starts with the perfect potato. There are tons of various types, however forcheesy Fiesta potatoes, save things simple and go v the traditional Russet potato.

Russet potatoes space ideal due to the fact that they have high-starch content, thick skins, and also mild flavor. The strength helps Russets develop a crispy, even colored crust once fried, and also the gentle taste does no overpower any kind of of the various other seasoning flavors.

If you are someone who chooses to leave the skin on the potatoes (and you really have to be that type of person due to the fact that much of the nutrition is in the potato peel), you will uncover the skin of the Russet doesn’t obtain soggy or loss apart once fried.

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No Russets at home? there is no should make a special trip to the store. The 2nd best choice is an Idaho potato, but any kind of starchy range will do.

Almost countless Versatility

A cheesy potato bowl is just the beginning.Taco BellCheesy Fiesta Potatoesmakes a an excellent vegetarian replacement because that meat in any variety of Mexican dishes.

With sufficient spices and also toppings favor cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, cake cream, and also hot sauce, even the many diehard carnivore won’t mind the the beef or chicken is missing. And also no one ever before said girlfriend couldn’t addcheesy potatoesto constant burritos or tacos as a topping. Let your imagination go wild!

Say ‘Hello’ Again to the Taco Bell Potato Griller

If you never had a Taco Bell Potato Griller at the restaurant, girlfriend haven’t lost your possibility to shot this crunchy vegetarian wrap. That is a snap come make. All you need is the Fiesta potatoes from the recipe below, nacho sauce, tart cream, and some flour tortillas.

Put the tortilla ~ above the counter. Spoon about a cup that Fiesta potatoes on the bottom third of the tortilla. Using room temperature potatoes renders assembling easier. Make sure that the potatoes space at least an customs from the bottom and also sides. Add nacho sauce and sour cream on height of the potatoes.Fold the political parties of the tortilla in about an inch on both sides. Start rolling from the bottom and also make sure the pour it until it is full is totally enclosed.Place a pan end medium-low heat. Permit it warm up, and also then location the wrap with the seam-side down in the pan. Cook until the bottom begins to color — around 3 minutes. If that colors also quickly, rotate down the heat. Flip and also repeat.Let the Taco Bell Potato Griller cool slightly before cutting on a slim diagonal and serving.

Tips for Making and also StoringTaco BellCheesy Fiesta Potatoes

Store Fiesta potato in the fridge.Potatoes have to be great to eat because that a couple of days after making, however they will never have actually the crunch of new ones.Don’t overcrowd the pan as soon as frying the potatoes.Potatoes that room too close with each other will heavy steam and never develop a an excellent crunch.

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Here’s a list of what you will certainly need:

Russet potatoesAll-purpose flourOnion powderGarlic powderPaprikaCayenne pepperOil for fryingCanned nacho cheeseSour cream

Optional toppings: Guacamole, chopped onions, and also shredded cheese.


How to do Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes

Wash and also peel potatoes.Cut potatoes right into ½-inch come ¾-inch cubes.Rinse potato off, and pat dry v a record towel.Heat oil in a deep fryer to 350 degrees.Prepare seasoned flour because that potatoes by combine flour, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and also cayenne pepper in a medium-sized bowl.

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