The holiday season is magical, however that doesn’t typical it’s easy. In between gift shopping, holiday parties, sending out out cards, writing Christmas greetings, and eating enough fruitcake come smother a polar bear (FRUITCAKE no GROSS, you GROSS, shut UP), December no just about fun. The also about survival.

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In order to kill it this vacation season, you’ve acquired to have actually some skills. You’ve acquired to be clever enough to come increase with great gifts. You’ve acquired to be fierce sufficient to win the Christmas party games. You’ve got to have stamina sufficient to survive a complete punch bowl of Aunt Jan’s eggnog. And also you’ve gained to it is in a sartorial mastermind enough to do the perfect DIY ugly Christmas sweater.

While us can’t help you through the eggnog, we can aid you with some ceo ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Without more ado, some ugly Christmas sweater ideas for her DIY ugly Christmas sweater.

1. All wrapped up

Glitter tape can produce a wrapping-paper result to present off the finest gift the all: yo’self.


2. Puff paint perfection

Puff paint is an easy method to fully customize your sweater. Well, easy if you have the right to draw.

Credit: ns love to create

3. Felt fun

He look at you as soon as you’re sleeping, he knows once you’re awake. The knows once you’re not wearing an ugly sweater, so wear one for goodness sake? Something favor that. Obtain your whole family involved and also relish in the fact that you gain to store these photos for year to come. That’s right. Maximum. Embarrassment. Forever. Feeling is a cheap option to customize that crewneck.


Credit: Girl in the red shoes

4. Red-dy for it

Accentuate the color of the season by upcycling something you already own. That’s right, the an easy red sweater that’s hanging in your very own closet is the perfect DIY base for all your baubles. Minimal effort, maximum festivity.


Credit: Jenny Cookies 

5. Sheathe in wreaths

Make her friends jealousy by gluing tinsel and bows right into a one pattern. Bam. 3D holiday party on her sweater.

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6. Nothing cheet-ah yourself the end of this festive frock.

Tinsel never goes out of style (maybe due to the fact that it never was in style? that knows). Including it come a cardigan makes it unique ugly in the best feasible way.


Credit: Cassie Stephens 

7. Rudolph the red sleep sweater

If you’re running low on time, save it straightforward with a quirky animal cutout. And also a drink, the course.

8. Switch up

The catalyst for this sweater is, “If ns were in Kindergarten, what would my ideal Christmas tree look like?” Take the idea, and throw that on a sweater.

9. It’s wacky and tacky and also Christmas every over

These bad boys. Take advantage of her partner’s holiday cheer through convincing them to dress up with you. Use markers to attract on a string of lights, a Christmas wish, or even cacti ns guess.

10. Make a festive

Glue a tiny gift bag on your sweater because that customized convenience. Need more convincing? two words: snack pocket.

11. As soon as in doubt: glitter

If there’s one thing I love more than awkward snowmen, the awkward look snowmen. A sharpie sketch gets 100 times much better when you add glitter to it, therefore grab fabric glue and also your favourite colors and take a pilgrimage to glitter town.

12. Bandana Bonanza

Animals are part of the fam. Incorporate them in the festivity by decorating a handkerchief because that them too.

13. Ornamental extravaganza

Glue a set of mini baubles on her sweater for a DIY ugly pullover in a pinch.

14. Christmiss-match

The perfect ugly pullover idea is one that looks favor an elf threw up anywhere it, and also by the looks of these two, mission accomplished. Pom-poms, pipeline cleaners, mini lights, take some festive favorites and also hot adhesive them to her sweater.

15. Dazzle in bedazzles

Shoutout come Shrek for this holiday inspo. Placing some stick-on rhinestones on her sweater is a quick method to include a tiny color to your ensemble. Mr Farquaad approved.

16. Pom-pom parade

Uh-oh. Seems like Rudolph had too much eggnog. Us can’t insurance the exact same won’t happen to friend at her holiday party, but we deserve to guarantee the pom-poms room hideous, so add 1,000 of them to her sweater because that the can be fried “yikes” factor.


Credit:Seeking the weekend

17. Cool in crochet

Know any kind of cool grandmas? due to the fact that I’m yes, really regretting never having learned to crochet right about now. Is it as well late?

18. Twin trouble

Sweaters for 2 make the ugly experience just that much better. No happy finding a two human sweater? include velcro to the sides of two separate sweaters for a snowmen buddy the you can additionally escape from. Ns mean, who wants to be stuck to their friend all night? no me.

19. Five deer

If you’ve ever before wanted come look like a deranged reindeer hunting trophy wall (who hasn’t), now’s your chance. Take it anything vaguely holidayish and also glue it onto your sweater. Donezo.

20. Fawn-onemal

Searching for a sweater that claims “I’m ugly, but not that ugly”? We’ve got you spanned with a more casual ugly pullover idea go-to. Choosing mismatched trends is a lighter technique for those who desire to participate, but don’t desire to gain too crazy.


Credit: The modern austen

21. Garland getup

Hot glue piece of garland onto her sweater for the ultimate cute-but-ugly vibe.

Credit: The Samantha show

22. Baby (and bauble) on board

Show off that baby bump with some sparkly iron-on file and stenciled-on slogans.

23. TREE-at yo’self

Zig-zag a piece of environment-friendly tinsel right into a tree pattern and add some mini accessories to complete this ugly pullover idea.

24. It’s lit

No time? take a pullover from her closet and also throw top top a collection of battery-powered mini lamp to her sweater because that a quick method to spruce it up.

25. Household affair

Get your totality squad together in layout with stick on foam pieces, printouts, and pipe cleaners.

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26. Roast yourself

Iron ~ above a transferable variation of a funny Christmas card to make the many of this year’s awkward fam photo.

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27. Sequin sleeves

Sequin season is in complete swing, so take benefit of it. Glue those suckers almost everywhere your cuffs to present your spirit.

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28. Jingle every the way

Let everyone know precisely when the fun has arrived by including some bells to your sweater. Bonus points because that looking and also sounding ugly.

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29. Go v a bow

Add clip-on hair bows to your pullover come effortlessly achieve this DIY ugly sweater.

30. Spruce that up

Glue part ribbon and also embroidery floss pom poms to a knit pullover for a cute homemade ugly christmas sweater.

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31. Snowflakes n’ stitches

Adding cloth paint snowflakes and stitches to her crewneck create a cool 80’s vibe friend didn’t understand you needed. The 80’s to be basically once “ugly sweaters” were simply “sweaters”.

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32.Get your head in the game

Sweater not sufficient for ya? Decorate a pair the glasses with ribbons, bows, and also wrapping document to match- if girlfriend can speak to this corresponding that is. Wear this number come the office and also you’ll crush the fashion game and also the office Christmas party games.