Make any Tire level Free!

When an “off the shelf” level proof tires is no available, there is another solution available.

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Introducing TyrFil™, a patented polyurethane liquid the is pumped right into the tire filling the entire cavity and cures into a soft rubber choose material. That cures within twenty 4 hours…the an outcome is a 100% level proof tire.

TyrFil™ is provided in countless industries since it provides the smoothest ride- it in reality rides favor air! Unlike various other foam filling that space too difficult on small to tool sized equipment, TyrFil™ is ideal due to the fact that it:

Accela TyrFil™: Ken Jones Tires provides tire level proofing material manufactured by Arnco. This revolutionary form of tire foam fill was designed through as lot concern about the atmosphere as for your equipment, operators and also your bottom line. The result? one exciting brand-new 100% flat proofing formula called TyrFil™. This brand-new line that flatproofing to fill is largely acquired from natural, earthly, renewable resources and also requires 50% less oil than classic tire fills. Oil has constantly been one of the main contents in the manufacturing of tire fill. If the price that oil goes increase so go the expense of the tires fill. So, using less oil not only helps conserve a beneficial natural resource, it additionally helps safeguard our customers versus rising prices. And, that course, genuine TyrFil™ flatproofing offers greater price savings by eliminating tires repair costs, lost wages and also productivity as result of down time.

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TyrFil™ is at this time manufactured in different grades/formulas come meet details load, ride and traction needs. In ~ Ken Jones tire we always strive to give our client premium products with superior value and also that is why Ken Jones tires uses the finest flat proofing products obtainable in the industry. Contrasted to the standard tire foam fills on the market, TyrFil™ is much softer and provides an air-like ride. A softer, air-like ride means less axle stress, much less bent wheels, less jolts and also vibrations, much longer tire wear and a broader footprint for increased traction. Other benefits include constant tire push for life of tire, extra ballast for enhanced stability and also elimination that blow out hazards. The is the best tire flatproofing systems for lawn tractors, skids steers, golf course equipment, farm yard tractors, backhoes, trenchers, utility vehicles and construction equipment. Significant OEM’s such as Mustang and Gehl have approved TyrFil™for the use on their machines. Get rid of 100% of flat tires with TyrFil™….Just fill It and Forget that !

What is the Flatproofing Process?

Pumped into the tire with its valves stem, the liquid flatproofing polymer replaces every one of the air and also cures to a long lasting rubber-like core in 24-48 hours. Every foam filling is done at our place of business. The procedure includes:

Inspecting your tire and also wheel for defects.Prestretching the carcass overnight.Pumping the tires fill right into the tire at the correct temperature.Pressurizing the tire to the recommended inflation pressure.Curing at the proper time and temperature come insure optimum filled tires performance.

Watch the video below come learn an ext about Tyrfil custom Flatproofing