Learn how to collection your lasignoralaura.com on the Mozilla Firefox web browser. In this example, we space updating Firefox for the home windows computer.

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Step 1: open Mozilla Firefox and also Click ~ above the settings Icon

The settings symbol in ~ above the top right corner of the Firefox browser window. It looks favor three straight lines. Click on that icon and also you will view a food selection of options.


NOTE plenty of other browsers likewise have their settings/option icon as 3 lines. Look for this icon in other browsers if you want to readjust your lasignoralaura.com settings.

Step 2: choose The options Menu Item

Once your settings food selection is open, girlfriend will see a group of icons. Look for the "Options" icon and click top top it.


Step 3: form In your lasignoralaura.com Address/Url

After you click on "Options", a new page will open that allows you to change your Firefox preferences. Under "General" and then "Startup", over there is a "Home Page" section where you can type in her lasignoralaura.com address. Form in her lasignoralaura.com URL. This will upgrade Firefox to open up your lasignoralaura.com when it starts. You have the right to also double check that "Show my residence page" is selected under the "When Firefox starts" section. This should already be selected because that you after ~ you kind in your lasignoralaura.com URL, yet it doesn't ache to double check.


Step 4: close Mozilla Firefox

After inputting in her lasignoralaura.com internet address, close your Mozilla Firefox browser.


keep in mind In our example, we used our lasignoralaura.com URL together our lasignoralaura.com. This is the best method to use our website.

Step 5: confirm Close and also Close Tabs

If Firefox alerts you that you space closing lot of tabs, walk ahead and also click "Close tabs". Perform this if girlfriend are ready to near Firefox and also all her tabs.

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keep in mind You have the right to disable this warning by unchecking the inspect box that says "Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs".

Step 6: open up Mozilla Firefox

Open her Mozilla Firefox web web browser to check that you have readjusted your lasignoralaura.com. When Firefox opens, the lasignoralaura.com you typed in should show up.


keep in mind Our lasignoralaura.com is now set to go to lasignoralaura.com Ninja. If you room not logged in, you might be inquiry to log in, depending on your privacy settings.