watch a video clip about how to hear text read aloud with Narrator. (To see captions in her language, insanity or click the close up door captioning button.)

Narrator is a display screen reader the reads message on the display aloud and describes occasions like error message so you deserve to use your computer without a display.

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Note: Narrator is available in English (United States, unified Kingdom, and also India), French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Chinese Simplified and also Chinese Traditional), Cantonese (Chinese Traditional), Spanish (Spain and also Mexico), Polish, Russian, and Portuguese (Brazil).

Starting Narrator

There are different ways to begin Narrator. These space the 4 ways many world prefer:

On a keyboard, press the windows logo vital + Enter.

On a tablet, press the home windows logo switch and also Volume Up switch together.

On the sign-in screen, madness or click the ease of access

switch in the lower-left corner and choose Narrator.

Swipe in native the appropriate edge that the screen, tap Settings, and also then tap Change pc settings.(If you"re utilizing a mouse, allude to the upper-right corner of the screen, relocate the mouse pointer down, click Settings, and also then click change PC settings.) tap or click lull of Access, tap or click Narrator, and also then relocate the slider under Narrator to turn it on.

Exiting Narrator

There are likewise different ways to exit Narrator. These space the 2 shortcuts many people prefer:

On a keyboard, push the home windows logo an essential + Enter.

On a tablet, press the home windows logo switch and Volume Up button together.

New touch gestures

Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 have brand-new actions and brand-new locations for common commands. Right here are a couple of important gestures to acquire you started.

Use this touch gesture

To carry out this

Swipe in indigenous the ideal edge through one finger

Open the charm (Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings)

Swipe in indigenous the left edge with one finger

Switch apps, snap them to the side, and close them

Swipe in from the height or bottom edge through one finger

Show app commands prefer Save, Edit, and Delete

Note: The press and also hold gesture isn"t sustained in Narrator.

New key-board shortcuts

Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 have new keyboard shortcuts too. Here are a couple of helpful ones.

Use this keyboard shortcut

To execute this

Windows logo key‌  + C

Open the charm (Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings)

Windows logo design key‌  + Z

Show app commands favor Save, Edit, and also Delete

Windows logo design key‌  + period

Snap apps to the side

Windows logo key‌  + Tab or Alt + Tab

Switch apps

Narrator settings

You can readjust settings because that Narrator in pc settings. To uncover these settings:

Swipe in from the best edge of the screen, insanity Settings, and also then tap change PC settings.(If you"re making use of a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, relocate the mouse pointer down, click Settings, and then click adjust PC settings.)

Tap or click ease of Access, and then change any that the complying with settings.

listen what"s ~ above the display

Narrator. Usage this slider to revolve Narrator ~ above or off.

Start narrator automatically. Friend can choose whether Narrator starts immediately each time you sign in.


Choose a voice. Through this drop-down menu you can pick different species of voices in Narrator, if they"re accessible in your language.

Speed. Friend can change the speed of the voice with this slider.

Pitch. You can adjust the key of the voice through this slider.

sound you hear

Read clues for controls and also buttons. You can select whether Narrator will read hints about how to communicate with usual items such as buttons, links, perform items, and sliders.

Characters friend type. You can select whether or not Narrator reads each key you enter

Words girlfriend type. Select whether or no Narrator reads the words that you type.

Lower the volume of other apps once Narrator is running. This choice makes other apps quieter for this reason it"s less complicated to hear Narrator.

Play audio cues. This choice turns ~ above the extra sounds that Narrator plays as soon as you do certain actions.

Cursor and keys

Highlight the cursor. This option allows you show or hide the box that highlights wherein Narrator is on her screen.

Have insertion allude follow Narrator. This option allows you display or hide package that highlights where Narrator is on your screen.

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Activate secrets on touch keyboard when ns lift mine finger off the keyboard. If touch setting is available, you can turn this setup on so you can kind faster using the touch keyboard. With this setting, you deserve to drag to find for the article you"re spring for and also lift her finger to press the key.

Keyboard commands

 Use this keyboard shortcut

 To do this


Stop reading

Windows logo design key  + Enter

Exit Narrator

Caps Lock + Space

Do main action

Caps Lock + ideal arrow

Move to next item

Caps Lock + Left Arrow

Move to previous item

Caps Lock + increase arrow

Change view

Caps Lock + down arrow

Change view

Caps Lock + A

Change verbosity mode

Caps Lock + F1

Show commands list

Caps Lock + F2

Show regulates for existing item

Caps Lock + F3

Jump to next cell in row

Caps Lock + change + F3

Jump to previous cabinet in row

Caps Lock + F4

Jump to next cell in column

Caps Lock + change + F4

Jump come previous cabinet in column

Caps Lock + F5

Read i beg your pardon row and also column Narrator is in

Caps Lock + F6

Jump come table cell

Caps Lock + F7

Read present column

Caps Lock + F8

Read present row

Caps Lock + F9

Read existing column header

Caps Lock + F10

Read present row header

Caps Lock + F11

Toggle touch setting on/off

Caps Lock + F12

Toggle keystroke announcements

Caps Lock + Z

Lock Narrator Key

Caps Lock + X

Pass keys to app

Caps Lock + V

Repeat critical phrase

Caps Lock + page Up

Increase voice volume

Caps Lock + web page Down

Decrease voice volume

Caps lock + Plus

Increase voice speed

Caps Lock + Minus

Decrease voice speed

Caps Lock + D

Read item

Caps Lock + F

Read item advanced

Caps Lock + S

Read items spelled out or read thorough reading for Japanese or Korean

Caps Lock + W

Read Window

Caps Lock + R

Read every items in containing area

Caps Lock + Q

Move to last item in containing area

Caps Lock + G

Move Narrator cursor to mechanism cursor

Caps Lock + T

Move Narrator cursor come pointer

Caps Lock + Tilde

Set focus to item

Caps Lock + Backspace

Go earlier one item

Caps Lock + Insert

Jump to connected item

Caps Lock + M

Start reading

Caps Lock + nearby bracket

Read message from start to cursor

Caps Lock + 0 (zero)

Read text attributes

Caps Lock + H

Read document

Caps Lock + U

Read next page

Caps Lock + Ctrl + U

Read existing page

Caps Lock + shift + U

Read previous page

Caps Lock + I

Read following paragraph

Caps Lock + Ctrl + I

Read existing paragraph

Caps Lock + transition + I

Read previous paragraph

Caps Lock + O

Read next line

Caps Lock + Ctrl + O

Read current line

Caps Lock + change + O

Read vault line

Caps Lock + P

Read next word

Caps Lock + Ctrl + P

Read current word

Caps Lock + change + P

Read ahead word

Caps Lock + open up bracket

Read following character

Caps Lock + Ctrl + open bracket

Read current character

Caps Lock + shift + open bracket

Read ahead character

Caps Lock + J

Jump to next heading

Caps Lock + change + J

Jump come previous heading

Caps Lock + K

Jump to next table

Caps Lock + shift + K

Jump to previous table

Caps Lock + L

Jump to next link

Caps Lock + change + L

Jump come previous link

Caps Lock + Y

Move to start of text

Caps Lock + B

Move to end of text

Caps Lock + C

Read current date/time

Touch Command

If you have actually a brand-new PC that lasignoralaura.coms 4 or much more contact points, you deserve to use touch regulates to control your PC.