If damaged hair is the story of her life, climate we’re certain you are not complying with these tips. Here"s exactly how you can defend your hair while sleeping

The deep sleep cap you have actually been dreaming of can be your reality. Photo courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Ditch the noodle pillowcaseYou see, noodle pillowcases have actually this annoying habit of absorbing your hair’s organic moisture and also causing friction, which can lead to damage, knots in her hair, and of food frizz!

If you love her hair, break-up with your pillow. Picture courtesy: ShutterstockNot just that, according to Dr Apoorva Shah, founder the RichFeel Trichology Centers in India, your pillow can also cause hair fall and also hair breakage!

Your saviour? Silk and satin pillow cases. They cause less friction, which means less damage.

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2. Braid your hair when going come bedPersonally, I dislike the idea of tie my hair up while sleeping. However unfortunately, letting your hair roam free on your bed while friend sleep additionally makes it vulnerable to damage and frizz.

You see, as soon as your hair is tied up in a braid it experiences much less friction and moisture loss. “Braiding the hair is a good, protective practice that deserve to save her hair from any breakage as it strengthens the hair structurally. In fact, a loosely-tied braid deserve to work alongside your body’s natural procedure to an increase hair growth,” to add Dr Shah.

Keep frizziness and hair damage at bay v braids. GIF courtesy: GIPHYThough a indigenous of caution: keep your braids nice and loose to prevent any kind of tugging top top the scalp, i m sorry can cause hair loss.

3. Never ever before sleep with wet hairI nothing know about you guys yet I to be guilty the this sin—especially in the summer, as soon as you simply cannot carry out without a cool shower. Turns out, her damp hair and also scalp have the right to make you susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections while your sleep.

Scary, ns know! yet that’s not all. According to Dr Shah, hair wrong (because her hair is in ~ its weakest once wet), dandruff, and a runny nose can additionally be spin-offs if you nothing let your hair dry properly before you sleep.

4. Brush her hair prior to sleepingI’m certain your mother—like mine—must have actually told you to do this every night. And also if you still haven’t taken she advice, ns going to give you a damn solid reason why friend must.

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If girlfriend don’t desire to wake up up with enormous knots in your hair, brush them prior to sleeping. Image courtesy: ShutterstockYou see, when you’re tossing and transforming in bed, her hair gets tangles and knots. I m sorry means, the if you nothing comb through your hair before hitting the bed, your existing tangles are going to gain much worse. And you know what happens as soon as you gain steadfast knots in her hair right? Breakage, damage, and also thinning hair. Hope you’re clutching the brush now!

5. Wrap your hair in a silk scarfSuch luxury! however this is just an attempt to save your hair native the above-mentioned friction and moisture loss. Plus, if you simply wrap her hair in a scarf climate you don’t need to make braids. Ultra-soft scarf or school braids—you choose!

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