Hand and finger practice can help strengthen her hands and also fingers, rise your range of motion, and give you pain relief. Stretch only until you feel tightness. Girlfriend shouldn"t feeling pain. Begin with this basic stretch:

Make a tenderness fist, wrapping her thumb across your fingers.Hold because that 30 come 60 seconds. Release and spread her fingers wide.Repeat through both hands at least 4 times.

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Try this large to help with pains relief and to boost the variety of motion in her hands:

Place your hand palm-down top top a table or other flat surface.Gently straighten her fingers as level as you can against the surface without forcing her joints.Hold because that 30 to 60 seconds and then release.Repeat at least four times through each hand.

This stretch helps improve the selection of movement in your fingers.

Hold your hand the end in prior of you, palm facing you.Bend your fingertips down to touch the basic of each finger joint. Your hand should look a small like a claw.Hold because that 30 come 60 seconds and release. Repeat at least four times on each hand.

This exercise have the right to make it easier to open up door knobs and hold points without dropping them.

Hold a soft ball in your palm and also squeeze that as hard as girlfriend can.Hold for a few seconds and release.Repeat 10 to 15 time on every hand. Execute this exercise 2 to three times a week, but rest her hands because that 48 hrs in in between sessions. Don"t do this practice if your thumb joint is damaged.

This practice helps combine the muscles of your fingers and thumb. It can aid you rotate keys, open food packages, and use the gas pump an ext easily.

Pinch a soft foam sphere or some putty in between the tips of your fingers and also your thumb.Hold because that 30 come 60 seconds.Repeat 10 to 15 time on both hands. Execute this exercise 2 to three times a week, however rest her hands for 48 hours in between sessions. Don"t carry out this exercise if your ignorance joint is damaged. 



Use this exercise to assist increase the selection of motion and also flexibility in her fingers.

Place your hand flat, palm down, on a table or various other surface.Gently background one finger in ~ a time turn off of the table and then lower it.You can also lift all your fingers and also thumb at once, and then lower.Repeat eight to 12 times on every hand.

Strengthening the muscles of your thumbs can assist you grab and also lift hefty things favor cans and also bottles.

Put her hand level on a table. Plunder a rubber band approximately your hand in ~ the basic of your finger joints.Gently move your ignorance away from her fingers as far as girlfriend can.Hold because that 30 to 60 seconds and also release.Repeat 10 come 15 times v both hands. You have the right to do this exercise two to 3 times a week, however rest her hands for 48 hours in between sessions. 

This practice helps boost the variety of motion in her thumbs.

Start v your hand the end in former of you, palm up.Extend your thumb away native your various other fingers as far as friend can. Then bend your thumb throughout your palm for this reason it touches the base of your tiny finger.Hold for 30 come 60 seconds.Repeat in ~ least four times v both thumbs.

This exercise helps rise the range of movement in your thumbs, which help with activities like choose up your toothbrush, fork and spoon, and pens as soon as you write.

Hold your hand the end in former of you, v your wrist straight.Gently touch your thumb to each of your 4 fingertips, one at a time, make the form of one "O."Hold every stretch for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat in ~ least 4 times on every hand.

Try these 2 stretches for your thumb joints:

Hold her hand out, palm facing you. Gently bending the pointer of your thumb down toward the base of your index finger. Host for 30 to 60 seconds. Release and repeat four times.Hold your hand out, palm encountering you. Tenderness stretch your thumb across your palm using just your reduced thumb joint. Hold for 30 come 60 seconds. Release and repeat four times.

If your hands and fingers feel painful and stiff, try warming them up before you exercise. This have the right to make it simpler to move and also stretch. Usage a heater pad or soak them in warm water for around five come 10 minutes. Or, for a deeper warmth, rub part oil on her hands, placed on a pair that rubber gloves, and also then soak castle in warm water for a couple of minutes.

Playing with putty or clay is a great way to boost the selection of activity in her fingers and strengthen her hands in ~ the very same time. And it won"t even feel like exercise. Simply follow the kids" command -- squish the clay into a ball, roll it right into long "snakes" v your palms, or use your fingertips to pinch spikes on a dinosaur.

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