By making use of Shortcuts in addition to custom Widgets and also the app Library, girlfriend can build a totally unique home screen look.

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idg.comBy utilizing Shortcuts in addition to custom Widgets and the application Library, you can construct a completely unique home display look. In this video Jason go us v the measures on just how to collection it every up.

With iOS 14, apologize has ultimately given friend the capacity to customize the layout of her home display to part extent. Rather of simply repositioning icons, you can totallyremove them thanks to the brand-new App Library. With the new Widgets, girlfriend can ultimately fill your home screen with something other than simply apps.

But the brand-new “aesthetic” iPhone trend goes a many further. By combine Shortcuts v custom icons and highly-customizable widgets, girlfriend can give your iphone a dramatically various look.

Here’s exactly how to acquire started making your iPhone “aesthetic.”

First, grab some icons

Before you perform anything else, you’ll desire to take some images to use as icons. There room lots of designers with matching icon packs on the web, simply search because that what suits you. Some room free, rather (like Traf’s popular minimalist icons) are fairly expensive.

A an excellent way to uncover some totally free icons is to find Twitter because that “aesthetic iOS 14” and also start poking around.

You’ll want to include your symbols to your Photos library. On her iPhone, long-press photo and choose “Add to Photos.” If you’ve obtained a Mac, you can drag pictures into her Photos app.

Use Shortcuts to replace apps

The crucial to replacing all your application icons v your own designs is to change your yes, really apps on her home screen with Shortcuts.


Open the Shortcuts app (it comes set up on her iPhone).

Tap the + button in the upper right to do a new Shortcut.

Tap Add Action.

Tap Scripting.

Tap Open App.

Tap the Choose word and also select the application you desire this shortcut to open.

Tap the three dots (…) in the upper right and select Add to house Screen.

Give your shortcut a name (the name of the application is a an excellent idea).

Tap the image to the left of the name and also pick Choose Photo. Choose the photo from your Photos library you desire to usage as your new icon.

Tap Add in the upper right, and also you’ll watch a popup informing you the shortcut was added to the home screen.


Back ~ above your house screen, you deserve to see your brand-new shortcut. If the original app icon is quiet on the house screen, long-press it, select Remove App, and also then Move to application Library to acquire it turn off your residence screen.

Repeat that procedure for every application you want to keep on your residence screen, and remove every the others, leaving castle in your application Library.

There space three caveats to be conscious of once replacing her apps with shortcuts in this way. First, you won’t get those small red notification badges in the corner of your shortcuts prefer you will on actual apps. Second, as soon as you launch an app from a shortcut, you’ll first see a short Shortcuts banner notification pop up before the application launches. And also third, you’ll shed the ability to long-press top top the application icon to access whatever rapid actions that has—the faster way won’t have those.

Custom Widgets

To enhance your custom app icons, you’ll desire some practice widgets. Brand-new apps like Widgetsmith and also Color Widgets are popular options.

You’ll use the application to design your own widgets, choosing what information it will certainly show, the fonts, colors, borders, and also so on. Once you’ve acquired your widgets created, it’s time to add them come your home screen.

Tap and also hold on any type of empty area of her home display until you go into “wiggle mode.”

Tap the + sign in the upper left to add a widgets.

Select the Widgetsmith or color Widgets application (or whatever custom widgets application you used) and also the dimension of the widget friend created.

Tap Add Widget.

Position the widget ~ above the house screen, and also while quiet in wiggle mode, tap it to change its options—you may have actually to select the specific widget you’ve customized.

Tap Done in the upper appropriate to departure wiggle mode.

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There are boundaries to what you deserve to do v custom widgets best now, however the ability of this apps continues to expand.

If you’re ready to expropriate the limitations of using shortcuts come launch her apps and also using custom widgets friend can develop some truly distinct home display looks!