Regardless of whether or no you"re make the efforts to shed weight, tea deserves a point out in her diet. Why? It"s completely complimentary of calories, sugar, and also fat however super flavorful—making the a viable replacement because that less healthy beverages. Unfortunately, there room no genuine magic shortcuts once it pertains to achieving a toned mid-section—it take away a combination of clever food choices, part control, and also consistent exercise. However, there room a number of ways to do tea because that a flat belly that can absolutely supplement your efforts. And also no, we"re no talking about those questionable "flat ship teas" that influencers room hawking ~ above Instagram.

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The finest ways to gain the tummy-flattening effects of tea are to choose the right varieties and also be mindful about what you add to flavor them. Loading your tea through cream, sugar, or sweetened syrups is a surefire way to cancel out tea"s health and wellness benefits. Fortunately, there are plenty that other ways to boost the taste of her tea without compromising her waistline.

"When you"re dehydrated, your body retains water," says Jessica Bippen, RD and also Essentia Water Nutrition & wellness Advisor. "This can lead to feeling bloating and also swollen. Drink tea is terrific way to rise your liquid intake and by remaining hydrated you"re permitting your human body to function optimally and also efficiently flush the end harmful toxins. Plus, adequate hydration supports overall digestion by boosting GI motility."

Here space some expert-approved tips on just how to do a delicious cup of tea in ~ home—without racking increase the calorie count. And for even an ext tips, be certain to inspect out our perform of 15 Underrated load Loss advice That actually Work.


According to Bippen, some plant roots generally found in tea—like dandelion and burdock—also save inulin.

"This form of prebiotic fiber acts as fuel for the great bacteria in your intestinal tract," she explains. "This can assist support in its entirety digestion and also a healthy gut microbiome."

Bippen likewise highly recommends adding an customs of fresh ginger source to her tea after a hefty meal, as it can assist speed increase stomach emptying, relieve digestive upset, and also reduce minister cramping, bloating, and gas. She notes that it also has nature that have the right to reduce bloat-causing inflammation and protect the stomach lining.

"Making your own tea with fresh ginger root ensures the helpful compounds in ginger—such together gingerols—are also present in that is tea," Bippen explains.

Other ingredients the she recommends seeking out for your de-bloating effects include lemon balm, camomile, fennel, and also peppermint.

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Here room 7 Teas the Melt ship Fat, speak Dietitians.

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