In an earlier post, we told girlfriend that facebook isn’t protecting her phone number. Because of two-factor authentication (2FA), Facebook calls for you to use a mobile phone call number. So, you can’t simply delete her mobile phone call number from Facebook.

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You can, however, privatize your phone number v very straightforward settings. I did it myself, and I will certainly share display shots with you below. This setting will prevent civilization from in search of you if they have your phone number.

How come make her phone number exclusive on Facebook

Go to Facebook and also in the upper right, pick the tiny triangle and then “Settings.” You should see this.


Select “Privacy” from the left column, and then discover the question, “Who can look girlfriend up utilizing the phone call number you provided?”

Email deal with i ordered it


Check your phone privacy settings on facebook mobile

When you readjust settings in your main Facebook account, it should be good across devices, but I still like to inspect my mobile devices to make sure the setting crosses devices.

Open the on facebook app and select the “hamburger” food selection in the reduced right corner.

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Scroll down and select “Settings & Privacy,” then pick “Settings,” then scroll down and also “Privacy Settings.” (Is anyone else gaining the emotion that on facebook deliberately makes this difficult?)


Make certain the visibility settings are what you prefer. Because that the question “Who deserve to look you up using the phone number friend provided,” you have three choices: everyone, friends of friends, or friends. There is no “no one” option. If you are concerned about strangers or stunner exes recognize you, set it come the most minimal setting, “Friends.”



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